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No Android 13 for Sony’s top of the range?

Updates are increasingly important for users, especially now, since different companies have been lengthening their roadmap in order to offer a long useful life to their smartphones. In addition, in recent months we have seen how different manufacturers have changed this aspect in order to be even more competitive compared to the rest. However, Sony could disappoint its users.

The Japanese manufacturer announced a few months ago three new 5G smartphones that boasted of build quality and an important photographic section. And within the most premium range of the firm, we find the Xperia 1 III. Although, if we look at the update policy that the company is going to follow for this terminal, we could be facing not very good news.

The Xperia 1 III would only have Android 12

According to the source that has released this important detail in Sony’s flagship, AndroidApp, this terminal will be updated for two years, but not how everyone expects. During that time, you will receive new monthly security firmwares, in which different errors that may arise will also be corrected. However, if this information is true, we would never see Android 13 on this Sony smartphone.

As this source clarifies, it is expected that it will only receive a major operating system update. And since Android 12 has not yet been officially launched and this terminal could arrive around the same dates, we would be talking about having this latest Google software system, and nothing else. Or at least for now. More than anything because we are facing the flagship of the company, so the simple fact of having a single update of its system would fall a bit short.

However, it is not the first time that a smartphone manufacturer has enraged its users. A few months ago, we were able to witness how OnePlus announced that some of its phones that belonged to the Nord series would only have a single major update, as has been the case with the Nord N10 5G.

Although it is only a simple rumor that has grown strongly, since the update policy that Sony will have for these smartphones will be up to two years for its operating system. A fact that makes much more sense if we look at the changes, which we have previously mentioned, in the different roadmaps that other brands have carried out.

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