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Nokia G50: a phone designed for the future

HMD Global, The Home of Nokia Phones, announced today the launch of its new phone belonging to the G-series, and it is nothing more and nothing less than the Nokia G50. The G-series uses simple but effective technology in its devices, which will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding. The newest member of the G-series is the most affordable Nokia 5G smartphone on the market to date. Nokia confirms the brand’s distinctive purpose of creating mobile phones that are made to last.

From HMD Global they are aware that 5G networks will cover almost 40% of the world in 2024, so they have designed this Nokia G50 with the intention that it becomes a phone equipped for what is to come. Ready to welcome Android 12 with open arms when it arrives in its final version. With the new Nokia G50 you can enjoy every corner of your mobile phone in its entirety and always with access to the latest functions.

Prepared and ready for the years to come

Monthly security updates are fully guaranteed for at least three years. So, you can lose the fear that your favorite photos or important documents will be accessible to malicious attacks. Your data will be fully safe and protected by strict European regulations so that you can remain calm all the time. In the words of Florian Seiche, CEO of HMD Global: “We want people to feel safe keeping their smartphone for longer.” Proclaiming in this way its clear intention that the useful life of mobile phones is as long as possible.

The new Nokia G50 is not only a phone designed to last, but this aspect has also been especially taken care of in its battery. Thus, similar to two of its companions, the Nokia G10 and G20, the battery becomes an essential component of the phone. It lasts up to two days, which means that you can put all your trust in your Nokia G50 during the most demanding days when you depend on constant use of the phone. It also has the 18W fast charging function that will replenish the power of your mobile in such a short time that you will not even notice. It will not be a problem to forget to charge the mobile before leaving. In just half an hour you will have enough energy to last for hours.

This Nokia 50G is the perfect smartphone to play your video games or enjoy one of your favorite series. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 processor is uniquely designed to optimize the technology of the future. In addition, its low latency technology helps to minimize delay in an exaggerated way to offer an immersive experience for the user. Its screen also contributes to the latter, whatever content you play, it will be completely sharp and clear thanks to its 6.82” HD + screen with which you will appreciate even the smallest detail.

One of the essential elements for consumers is that their mobile phones have at their disposal a camera that does not have to envy anything to a normal and ordinary camera. With its 48 MP triple lens camera with artificial intelligence, you can capture any moment or moment with exceptional quality, from photos of your family to an image of the night sky. The luminosity will not be a problem. Thanks to video stabilization technology, the stability of the frame will not be affected when we take a selfie or record a sequence of a football game.

The perfect complement for your Nokia G50

The new Nokia G50 hits the market strong, positioning itself as one of the best options on the market. The versatility of its characteristics and its exaggeratedly low price make it an option to consider. The new Nokia G50 is already available in Ocean Blue color at a price of 259 euros (4 / 64GB) and 279 euros (4 / 128GB). Do not miss the opportunity and bet on the mobile of the future.

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