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Nova Launcher, what does it have for so many people to install it?

In case you have ever tried to find an alternative launcher for your mobile, you will have found yourself among the first options of Google Play with Nova Launcher. The same happens if we ask our friends or family, since it is undoubtedly one of the best-known alternatives. But this raises doubts and makes us wonder why so many people put it in the first place and many times in Nova Launcher the only recommended option.

We cannot deny that its journey is very long and that it has been in operation for a long time, which is why we are currently facing version 7 of Nova Launcher. But there are other opponents who with a similar journey do not achieve the popularity enjoyed by this great alternative giant to the launchers that many Android terminals bring.

The best of Nova Launcher against its rivals

To find out what makes Nova Launcher so recommended and that it has managed to download more than 50 million times, we have to discover everything that it does better than its alternatives. Key points that we discover when we try many and many options, but finally we always end up returning to the same old, a classic that does not fail.

Easy installation and backup

It may seem like something that is not important, but there are many people who do not know how to change the launcher of their smartphones and forget the one they download without actually using it. This does not happen with Nova Launcher, since once we install it and access it for the first time, the installation wizard in Spanish will provide us with some main steps that do not have any difficulty. Then the system will ask us the option that we want to keep always and with that everything will be completed.

But its initiation advantages do not stop there, since if we have previously had Nova Launcher on this mobile or on another, we can export all the design and customization that we had created. Through your own backup we will save complications and repeat everything.

A bug-free launcher

Checking the opinion of the users and our own with other alternatives, the most commented complaint has to do with the failures of the launchers. Other launchers tend to get caught, drain the entire battery in less time, or suddenly shut down. Some bad experiences that do not occur in Nova, where it is difficult to put a, but because its optimization is very high.

Personalization options everywhere

We can leave it as well or we can give our launcher a distinctive touch. One of the most customizable launchers out there, with options for themes, grids, margins, widgets, scroll bar styling, shadows, and even folder customization. A wonder for those looking for something that adapts themselves, putting these options on a tray without complications.

Ideal in low-end and high-end

It does not matter if we have a smartphone with low or higher resources, Nova Launcher performs equally well in all situations. It is striking that we can obtain such an acceptable speed with this third-party launcher, while other smartphones with their own launcher do not offer these results.

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