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Order the chaos of your mobile! Lock the icons on the screen

All of us on occasion have found that on the home screen of our mobile, for some unknown reason, the place icons have been changed or even that the wallpaper has been replaced. This is something that complicates our existence by not finding direct access to the apps we use the most and we have to dedicate some time to it to put everything our way.

However, all this has its days numbered if you benefit from the option to lock the design on Android. With this, you will never be surprised when you unlock your smartphone, finding the icons in totally different places than where you left them after moving them all your way.

Why are the location icons changed?

Before solving our problem, we have to answer what so many users are suffering, although there is no single reason that leads us to come across the icons in different parts of the home screen. The first and most common is that our design is automatically modified with involuntary touches of our hand or even the leg if it is easily unlocked by wearing it inside the pants.

Although another situation that also affects several users is because our customization layer automatically adds new icons to the home screen after downloading them and therefore us constantly find icons that totally change our idea of ​​the main screen.

Steps to lock startup layout on Android

Unlike what happens on other occasions, the option to block the design of our mobile does not come from Android Stock. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to prevent this from happening on Google Pixel, Nokia, Motorola or others that benefit from Android in its purest form. In them we will not have more possibilities than to fix apps on the lower screen of suggestions.

To at least benefit from that option, we only have to keep our finger pressed at the moment that an app that we use frequently appears in the lower area, this will show us a small pin that we must press. With this change, the position of that app will never change again and we will have to remove it manually to be able to change its position. In the case of stock Android, there are no options for integrating new icons on the home screen, since they are not added natively.

Samsung design padlock

The One UI customization layer does allow us to block the design of our mobile with all the letters and with it stop taking surprises when we unlock it. All smartphones of the brand, regardless of the range or version of One UI, have the screen design block and to use it, they just have to follow these steps:

  • Access Settings.
  • Touch on Screen.
  • Choose Home Screen.
  • Finally, activate the Lock home screen design option.
  • If we do not want new apps to be added, we have to deactivate “Add to home screen”.

What nothing and no one change MIUI

Xiaomi aware of the problem that arose when we looked at our mobile and we found the change of icons, added for several generations to MIUI the option to block design. This possibility reached all smartphones regardless of the model or brand, which is why we also find it in Redmi and Poco. To block our favorite design, what we will do is this:

  • We pinch the home screen.
  • We tap on the Settings button.
  • Then we check Lock home screen layout.
  • And finally we confirm ready.
  • So that the gaps are not filled with apps we have to deactivate that option as well.

Protect the design on Huawei

The smartphones of the manufacturer Huawei that use EMUI or HarmonyOS also have the option so that the design of the home screen on the mobile does not change. In this case, the process to follow is as follows:

  • We pinch the home screen in any of its windows.
  • We choose Main screen settings.
  • We activate the option to lock design.
  • As in Xiaomi, we also have to disable the Auto align option that fills in gaps.

Limit changes to Realme and OPPO

The manufacturers Realme and OPPO share a layer of customization with the same base and therefore share tools although with another design. In this case, what we will do in our terminals to ensure that nothing changes the design is the following:

  • We pinch the home screen.
  • We tap on Settings.
  • We choose the option Lock home screen layout.
  • So that new installed apps do not join, we will have to deactivate the option Add applications to the home screen.

What can we and cannot do after locking the design?

Once we have started to block the design of our mobile with the different options according to the personalization layer that we have, we will find that it is impossible for us to move any icon that we have on the home screen. The limitation will also extend to the Google search bar and the rest of the Widgets that we can use on our mobile.

However, what we can do is change the grid, also from the screen settings and even the background of the main screen, something that happens in all the customization layers that we have seen in Android. This option that we have activated does not affect the integration of new icons on the home screen, but if we do not want new icons to be added to a new home screen when downloading them, we will have to follow the same process of the settings, but in this occasion by deactivating the option to create icons for new apps at startup, which can also be part of the problem we had.

Unlock mobile layout

In case at some point we need to allow changing the icons or widgets of place again, we will have to unlock the design of the mobile home screen, something that we will do from the same settings panel in which we activate its lock. To do this we will have to pinch the screen again, tap on the settings and again on the screen design lock, which will allow us to modify everything in place again.

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