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Meteorite causes explosion 10 times greater than Hiroshima

NASA released on Monday a meteorite explosion in the Earth’s atmosphere in December that was ten times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima (Japan) in 1945. The explosion, which was detected by the US military satellites, happened over the Bering Sea, off the Kamchatka peninsula, a remote area of Russia. According to NASA, this explosion was the second strongest of its



Xiaomi announces the date of presenting the Mi Mix 3

Xiaomi will present Mi Mix 3 on October 25 in Beijing. The new model would have 5G connectivity and a retractable camera similar to that of the Oppo Find X. October 25. That is, finally, the date chosen by Xiaomi to present in society the Mi Mix 3 , one of the most important and expected smartphones of the Asian manufacturer.



Kami: A magic pencil to write down in PDF

Ideal for meetings, classes and presentations. In the era of paper, sharing a document involved making as many photocopies as there were assistants in a class or meeting room. Currently it is as easy as sending the document in question, be it PDF, Word, Excel or RTF. Moreover, through online services such as Google Docs, Office 365 or iCloud we



Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, says that China’s censorship would not be a problem in its search engine

The highest executive of the technology recognizes for the first time the existence of this project. Google has been at the center of the controversy since last August due to the discovery that the company was working on its return to China with a browser full of censorship to please the State of the country, which does not allow citizens



The new version of Kindle Paperwhite arrives

The device is already available in pre-order and will arrive from November 7. After celebrating its tenth anniversary last year, Kindle is back stronger than ever to present a new version of its most successful device: the Kindle Paperwhite . Many will wonder if at this point there is still room for a device that only serves one thing. But