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Personalize the screen of the Mi Band with your photos!

The different Xiaomi Mi Band that exists offer us many customization options, since in addition to being able to change the design of their straps, we can modify the sphere that shows the information with countless different illustrations. But until now there were limitations to be able to put our own photo or custom design as wallpaper.

Each of the Mi Band may be different and we are not only referring to the models but also to the external changes that we can make with stickers, straps or the many designs that make up the Mi Fit app. But now we are also going to be able to make our dreams come true and give the Xiaomi sports bracelet a unique style.

How to change the background of the Mi Band

To carry out this change we are going to have at our disposal two different paths, one more complex and the other much simpler, so that we can do and undo with the design everything we want. Some options that are available for models starting with the Mi Band 4, where the screen took great prominence. The steps to follow will therefore be identical in the Mi Band 4, MI Band 5 or Smart Band 6, as well as in the rest of the models to come.

My Fit helps us change the background

The main and simplest option that we can use to customize the screen of the Mi Band is based on Xiaomi’s own Mi Fit app. This application has been continually evolving through updates until it offers us an advantage as attractive as the one, we present to you. In order to complete the process, the first and most important thing is to enter the application store and check that we have the latest version of Mi Fit.

Then, as we usually do, we just have to open the application with our watch near it, so that they are linked and the data is completely synchronized with Bluetooth technology. To start the process of changing the wallpaper on the Mi Band, we just have to follow these steps that we detail:

We start by entering the “Profile” section of our Mi Fit app, from where we will have access to the bracelet in question where we want to change the design. Then we will have access to all the customizable options of our bracelet, from where we will have to touch the “Store” option.

Later when we do not enter the Store, we will come across many customizable options that are undoubtedly a great option for those who do not want to complicate too much with the process. Xiaomi is continuously integrating new funds that give us new possibilities for each of the Mi Band to be different. However, we are going to touch the manager at the top.

When you touch on this tab, we will see the option to change the color of different sections such as the time, the date or the step counter, but the most interesting thing is below. Just where it puts a custom background, we have the plus button at our fingertips that gives us the possibility to add that desired photo or clip art that we want as a background.

Choose another background for the bracelet

The first thing we will have to do is go to this link, and then download this application from Google Play. Once on the web, it is best to change the language to English to be able to handle ourselves better. The next step is to click on the box on the left loop to be able to choose the image we want. Once done we will have to choose between a photo from the gallery or one taken at the moment with the camera of our mobile.

Once the image is chosen, we will proceed to resize it to adapt the design and press “Select” to choose the type of clock. Now we will see a preview of our design and we must give the “Watchface” of the bracelet a name. Once this is done, we will select «Submit» to create the design and we will download it from the «Download» button to finally rename it as .bin

Now it is time to open the App of our Mi Band called “WatchFace” that we mentioned at the beginning and press on the image option. Then the option to add a Watchface to My Fit will appear and we choose the option. Next, we must add the .bin file that we have previously saved and upload the image that we choose as the background for the Watchface. Now we must choose it from the image option and add it by tapping on Open My Fit.

To complete the process, we choose to open the Mi Fit app, we choose our Xiaomi bracelet and we will find our design in the screen selection. Once located, we select it and click on synchronize with patience so that there is no error in the process.

Now we will have our own design as the wallpaper of the bracelet. We can repeat the process as many times as we want to have our own gallery that we can alternate, to always have our own and original design.

Problems with some funds

Whether we have followed the first method or if we have followed the steps of the second method, we can find that the background of the screen of our Xiaomi bracelet remains the same and has not changed at all. To get out of this situation and make the change take effect, we must make sure that the image is in JPEG format and in the second of the methods we have renamed it as .bin.

But we cannot ignore other keys to customizing our sports bracelet, such as the fact that we do not move the bracelet away from the smartphone before the process has finished. If we have completed everything and we also have the app updated to the latest version, we recommend that you enter the Mobile Settings and within applications touch on My Fit and delete the cache data. If we have previously uploaded another image, an error could have been generated from which we can only get out with this method, although this will erase all the custom covers that we already have uploaded from our account and we will have to start the steps again.

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