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Phones under 6 inches. Are they in danger of extinction?

Over the years we have been experiencing an unstoppable advance of mobile devices. If just a few years ago we could enjoy just 4 inches. Increasingly, different manufacturers decided to go up the ladder to achieve the perfect screen. For this reason, we witnessed the arrival of different smartphones that already exceeded 5 inches, as was the case with the Samsung Galaxy Note.

In addition, it is clear that tastes and trends change very fast. And now, what predominates are the large screens, and the larger the size the better. Or at least that’s what most users think. But, the truth is that today there are still users who prefer more compact smartphones, which are easier to use with just one hand. So, can you find a mobile with less than 6 inches in the middle of 2021? Let’s see it.

What about phones with less inches?

In the history of the mobile phone, it began by looking for a terminal as compact as possible, although now we are in an age of panels without borders and infinite screens with notches and holes, which fight to survive. And all this accompanied by increasingly powerful hardware with which we have seen the arrival of higher quality and larger screens.

This has led to the consumption of content on smartphones being increasingly frequented by everyone. Therefore, this is one of the first reasons why many people prefer to get a mobile of more than 6 inches. Although, if you are looking for a phone with more compact dimensions today, it is clear that you can find it. However, smartphone manufacturers are betting on incorporating more inch panels in their more premium smartphones. So it is difficult to find “top” terminals without having no more than 6 inches.

We even witnessed how even Apple finally decided to increase the size of its iPhone screens. Those models with less than 5 inches are already a bit far away. Well now, the latest generation of their phones is around 6 inches, not counting the Mini and the SE. The same happens with other brands such as Samsung, Huawei, and OPPO etc.

Although not all brands reward the high-end with a huge panel, since Xiaomi has smartphones of all kinds in its catalog and, even so, they continue to far exceed six inches. However, we can always find some older models such as the Google Pixel 4a, Huawei’s P20 Lite or the Galaxy S9. However, in the last year most of the smartphones that have been presented exceed 6”, so the trend is clear: manufacturers will continue to make larger and larger panels.

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