Play with an advantage on your mobile with these Bluetooth gamepads

Today we find a wide variety of games for our smartphones, either through third-party applications that give us access to streaming game services or the simple fact of having an emulator on your phone to enjoy a classic video game. For this reason, it is normal that many users resort to looking for a product with which to improve their gaming experience: a gamepad for mobile phones.

If for years we already played a lot on our terminal, with the different proposals that have been launched, it is logical that we want to spend hours and hours glued to our phone to have fun with our favorite video game. For this reason, we will explain how to choose a smartphone gamepad, which will help us improve our gaming experience.

Fundamental points in a smartphone gamepad

Fortunately, those who use their mobile device to play have seen how the catalog of controls for smartphones has increased greatly over time. However, not everyone is clear on how to choose the right one. Although the truth is that many think that it will only be enough that they offer us Bluetooth connectivity and it would be ready.

The reality is different, since it will depend on the type of title you usually enjoy. More than anything because there are also some gamepads that offer us special support so that the different buttons they have work correctly with the operating system of our mobile device. This means that, in case you need a Start button, it works the way you want.

In addition, most of the PC controllers with a Bluetooth connection work with your iOS and Android phone. However, they are not the option you need the most for a smartphone, more than anything because of the comfort offered by those designed specifically for a phone and, above all, to play while we move. Therefore, we will tell you the most important keys that you should take into account when buying a gamepad for your mobile.

What is compatible with your mobile

This is the first key point that we must be clear when purchasing this accessory for our smartphone. That is, it must offer us support for iOS or Android, and if it is for both better still, since if we change the phone with another operating system, we can continue using it later. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that it is compatible with your device.

In addition to the compatibility with the system, it will be important to know that it works for the dimensions of our smartphone, as well as for the titles that we play the most. Basically, because we will have to place our terminal on the gamepad, in the event that it requires it to be inserted into it. And if we want to play a specific title, we will have to check if the command we want is the right one.

The importance of your autonomy

Another key point that we will have to ensure is how long your battery will last. More than anything because if we have in mind to use the controller to play for long hours, what a minimum that it offers us a high number of hours of use. In fact, it won’t do any good to have a high-quality and compatible gamepad if then we can’t get to play for more than an hour without having to end up plugging it into the power to continue using it. For this reason, it will also be necessary to assess the different options on the market, since some that can be charged taking advantage of the phone’s own connector and reverse charging if they offer it.

The connection and ergonomics of the remote

As we have already mentioned, there are different gamepads for mobile devices that use the direct connection, that is, through its connector to take advantage of its load, if it has the reverse technology. And although it has this advantage, the truth is that it will be much better to have one that connects through the Bluetooth connection. So that, in this way, we can charge our mobile device or plug in our headphones.

On the other hand, ergonomics will also be a factor to take into account, since as much as we like the design, if the moment of truth arrives it is not comfortable, it will be useless. This is why the best options will be the best-known brands and designs on the market, since they will allow us to know in advance if they are really comfortable.

Best gamepad for your mobile

After knowing all the key aspects if you are looking for a controller to use exclusively with your smartphone, these are some of the most recommended options that can be found to play in a much more comfortable way with your mobile. Therefore, you should not miss this selection that we have made for you, with the aim that you continue to enjoy your favorite titles wherever you go.

This Razer model has become one of the most relevant and interesting alternatives for mobile devices, thanks to both its design and the performance it will offer us. In addition, we can use it as soon as we connect it to the Bluetooth of our smartphone. And the best of all is that having such a compact design will be really comfortable and we will have up to 100 hours of play. We can even see how its structure reminds us of the joy-con of the Nintendo Switch.

Of course, to make use of this command, special housings will be necessary for our terminal, since depending on the model it will be different. So, it will be a factor to take into account. For now, they are designed for specific terminals such as the Razer Phone 2, Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 + or Samsung Galaxy Note). The negative points are that it is not so cheap and it will only work for Android phones. Of course, it is not very cheap and only for Android devices.

To begin with, this mobile remote will be compatible for both iOS and Android. Then, among its specifications, it can be highlighted that it comes equipped with a fan that will cool down our smartphone thanks to its power of up to 4000 RPM. In this way, it will be impossible for the phone to overheat, even if we spend long hours playing. In addition, it will not be necessary to install any type of third-party app for its configuration. However, it only has four physical buttons, so it is specially designed for shooting titles like PUBG. Lastly, it will fit perfectly on 4.7” to 6.5” phones. This accessory will only be compatible with those Android phones that have a USB type C port. Of course, not only will it ensure great ergonomics and comfort, but its consumption will be really low since it will only spend 2 mAh per hour of play on our device. This means that it does not have its own battery, but will use that of our mobile phone. In addition, this GameSir product has different buttons and will surely remind us of the controls of the Nintendo Switch. The first thing we have to highlight about this Ipega gamepad is that it is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. In addition, your connection will be through Bluetooth. And this time we find a control with a somewhat more innovative design, which can remind us of the shape of a classic design. This telescopic mount model is built for 5–10-inch devices with configuration options. Another point that we must keep to assess your purchase is that it will offer us up to 20 hours of autonomy. In addition, its charging time will be approximately two hours, since it has a 380 mAh battery without fast charging.

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