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Please Apple, copy yourself from Android for your iPhone 13

It is clear that in the current market for mobile devices we are faced with iOS and Android, two operating systems that practically dominate the market today. In addition, both manage to offer and contribute different values ​​to their users with the aim of continuing to attract more potential customers. Although, the truth is that many users prefer the Google operating system since they have different functionalities that, for now, we have not seen on an iPhone.

Of course, there are many users who clamor for the arrival of some of them for the next generation of Apple terminals, the iPhone 13. In addition, there is little left for them to finally be officially presented. So, it is time to see those functions that every Apple user would like to have on their mobile and that were already on Android.

The features should be on the iPhone 13 yes or yes

One of those features or modes that have been in Android for a while is the Always on Display screen. Although the point is that, if they want them to be in these Apple terminals, they must have AMOLED panels. A very useful function, since it allows us to see information such as the time or some notifications without having to turn on the screen and press a button on the mobile.

Although it is not the only feature or technologies that users of the Google operating system have already enjoyed, such as having screens with a higher refresh rate, that is, reaching 120 Hz.

Another advantage, which has improved somewhat with iOS 15, is the issue of notifications. Since, for years, Android is one level above the American company. Basically, because in the Google operating system you can achieve a more advanced management of notifications.

It is also important to talk about advanced multitasking options for better use of screen space. And it is that, compared to the iPhone, there are Android phones that allow their users to run applications in split screen mode or in the form of a floating window, which allows them to multitask.

Although it is true that in iOS there are some apps that are passed to a floating window, but it will depend on that application. So, surely, it is a feature that will be expanded in the iPhone 13. But without a doubt, Apple users are eagerly awaiting the return of Touch ID. Although, we will still have to wait a bit for it to be confirmed.

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