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Problems for Apple. Goodbye to the periscope camera?

Almost two months ago the rumor was jumping that we could finally see an iPhone with a periscope camera system. One of those technologies that has been among Android mobile devices since 2019, but that Apple had not yet decided to take the step-in betting on it. However, after knowing that information, everything indicated that we would see this system in a terminal in Cupertino. Of course, it was scheduled to arrive in 2022.

It was clear that, at one point or another, the American smartphone company was going to make the leap to work on a periscope telephoto lens. Although it would not be for the iPhone 13, but for the model that is released next year. In addition, the mobile firm had already made it clear that its latest patent was going to become a reality, in which this technology could be clearly seen. However, you are going to have to face a new problem because you could stay one more year without having a periscope camera for your smartphones. Why?

Patent issues with Samsung

Problems often arise in these processes of innovations and new features in smartphones. We are already living it with the camera under the screen to say goodbye to the notch on the mobile panels, since optimal quality is not achieved. However, this time it is not a development issue, but rather a patent issue between Apple and Samsung.

As has been learned, a new report makes it clear that the periscope lens for the iPhone that will debut next year has a drawback in between. Although we already knew the design that Apple had to integrate this periscope system in its smartphones, the truth is that Samsung was one of the first to bet on it and has the most advanced technology in this field. So, the American company wants to work with her.

But, as we said, the real problem that would leave Apple phones without this option is that they do not have the necessary patents for the optical image stabilization system that they want to include in their iPhone. Basically, the American firm wants to get the technology with which it is possible to move the cylinder of the lens itself to zoom. To do this, they have tried to be supplied by Jahwa Electronics, which is part of Samsung’s supply chain, to get this stabilization module.

The main barrier is that this company developed this technology with Samsung. Therefore, ‘The Elec’ points out that Apple is working on a possible solution to not use this technology in its patent or, also, it gives the option that the brand decides to pay a license fee to the Korean company. In addition, this same source points out that this periscope technology would not arrive for the iPhone 14, but for the 2023 models.

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