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Problems with the battery of your Realme? Change it yourself!

One of the elements of the mobile that most degrades with use and over time is the battery. This affects all smartphones equally, which of course includes Realme smartphones in the different ranges, series and models available.

So that you can regain maximum autonomy on your Realme mobile that has been lost over time, we are going to show you how you can replace the battery yourself. A process that we already anticipate is not easy, but that nevertheless can be very gratifying due to the improvements that it will offer us on a day-to-day basis, being able to leave home without chargers.

How to tell if it’s time to change the battery

You may have the fly behind your ear, but you are not too clear if it is time to change the battery of your Realme or we can keep waiting. This is something complex to solve and that we only as mobile users will know how to identify. For this we can help ourselves with an option integrated in the settings of our smartphone, from where we will be able to know the screen time that it offers us throughout the days.

Just by accessing Settings> Battery, we are going to know the time of the screen on that the smartphone offers us from when it is at 100% until it is again low. With some notes and comparing it with what it offered us at the beginning of having it, as well as the screen time that other users enjoy with the same mobile phone, we will be able to know if our battery is very deteriorated and needs a replacement.

Not covered by warranty?

The question that many ask themselves once they detect that the battery does not perform as well as the first day is if this problem can be covered by the mobile warranty. As a general rule, we have a two-year warranty, but in terms of batteries there are big changes, since it is an aspect that depends a lot on use, wear and tear and the way we use it.

In the case of Realme, we have a 12-month warranty on the battery, so if we have exceeded that time there will be no way that our problem will be solved by the technical service at no cost. On the other hand, if we are within that period, they will have to verify that the error exists and that the reduction in autonomy is not due to misuse of the smartphone.

Everything you need to change the battery

Before we start to repair the battery ourselves, we must bear in mind that we will not be able to do it correctly without having the necessary tools. Opening a smartphone without damaging it is not easy and although Realme mobiles are not the most complex, we are inevitably going to need the right tools to achieve it.

We can do it with this complete Amazon smartphone repair kit that we recommend, since there is practically nothing missing and it is the one that we ourselves use when necessary. A complete kit that for a small price gives us the possibility that goes from opening the smartphone to replacing the battery with everything we will need.

The only thing that we would need to finish the process and that we cannot forget, is an identical battery to the one we have. From Amazon we will also be able to find replacement batteries for Realme, you just need to find the one for our specific model and receive it at home to start the process.

Change Realme mobile battery step by step

Once we have everything, we need to change the battery of our Realme mobile and we have enough time to start the process and not leave it halfway, something that we do not recommend due to the dirt that could sneak into the open smartphone, we are going to start the process. We will gradually learn the steps to follow with the intention that in any model you can follow the steps as we explain.

But before we start, we want to remind you that by opening the terminal we will be losing all types of guarantees that our mobile phone continues to have in force. That is why it is only recommended to change the battery in Realme smartphones that will no longer have a main use. We also recommend extracting important photos and files from the device, to do a factory reset after replacing its energy storage and thus ensure that the entire terminal is as good as new.

  • We start by applying heat to the smartphone, this can be done with a heat iron if we have it or even with a dryer at minimum power for a few seconds, dispersing the heat throughout the back wall.
  • Then with the help of a suction cup included in the repair kits we are going to pull the back wall of the terminal and with the cards or needles, we will work our way along the edges between the frame and the back of the device.
  • We will have to be very patient and do it little by little so as not to break the glass or the back.
  • We remove the screws from the top and bottom, to remove all the trims.
  • With care and the included plastic tools, we disconnected the battery connector so that it stopped having power.
  • We use isopropyl alcohol to be able to take off the battery, which is attached to the terminal. To do this, you have to let it act for about 5 minutes.
  • Using the plastic tool, we slowly remove the battery without damaging it.
  • Now we unpack the new battery of our Realme.
  • We add special glue for batteries.
  • We place the battery in the same position as the previous battery.
  • We connect the battery to the motherboard.
  • We screw the structure without skipping any screw.
  • We check that the smartphone turns on.
  • We put special glue to get the back part fixed.
  • To finish we put the back cover, apply pressure for a few seconds and let it dry for 12 hours with an element of minimum weight on the top.

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