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Put an end to Samsung Smart Switch errors with these tricks

Surely, for many of the users in Spain who have a Samsung mobile, the Smart Switch tool will be quite well known. Although, it may also be the case that they do not know it, much less know how it works and the different problems that can occur when using it.

Before getting to know this software in depth, it is important to know that thanks to this app of the South Korean company’s terminals, we will be able to transfer our files between phones. In addition, it will be ideal if we are going to change our mobile and start using one from Samsung. Therefore, we are facing a tool that facilitates the transition between mobile phones.

However, as is often the case with other software, there are different times when something suddenly stops working or just never worked. It may have happened to some of you when you wanted to use this application at some point. Fortunately, there are different solutions that we will show you so that you can finally finish with the different errors that may arise.

What is this Samsung software for?

First, it is necessary to know that Samsung Smart Switch is a tool created by the Korean manufacturer itself. In addition, it is designed so that we can transfer the different files that we want from our current mobile device or an older one to a new Samsung phone.

Therefore, it will take care of doing this process automatically without us having to worry about anything. It will even allow users which files we want to transfer between both mobile devices. In this way, we are facing a very useful tool in the event that you have bought a new Samsung mobile.

More than anything, because thanks to it, we will be able to send all kinds of multimedia files, messages, applications, contacts, etc. Likewise, this software also fulfills a second very useful function, and that is that it allows us to make a backup copy of our terminal.

In this way, not only can we get more out of it by transferring the data from one phone to another, but it will also ensure that our data will be safe in case all have not been transferred correctly. And not only this, but we can also use it to install the different updates on the device. To do this, we will only have to connect it to the computer.

Formerly we had to install on our own. However, nowadays we can find it in many phones of the Korean company, especially in the high-end ones, since they are pre-installed as standard. Of course, we must bear in mind that it is compatible with models with Android 4.3 and higher versions. Although, it is difficult to find a mobile that has a lower version than the one set by the manufacturer to allow its use.

Finally, before proceeding to solve the problems that may arise, we must know that the time it takes to transfer the files will depend on the amount we have in our terminal and the connection we have at that time. Although, in general, we are facing software that quickly performs this function.

Fix the most common Smart Switch crashes

Although one of the main advantages of Samsung Smart Switch is that it allows us to pass files wirelessly, without having to resort to using cables, if we connect both phones to the same Wi-Fi network, the truth is that they can different failures arise.

Connection failed? Test with the cable

This will depend on whether the connection is not stable or strong enough to support such a transfer. Therefore, if it gives us this error, we will have to check if the connection is bad, since it is one of the most common problems that we can find when performing this action. Basically, because there are times when just the wireless connection can give us problems, making the transfer wirelessly not possible.

If we do not get a sufficiently stable or strong network, there is no need to worry, because we can resort to cable transfer. We will only have to connect both mobile devices or connect a phone to the computer (although this process will be slower). The positive side of this is that wired data exchange has greater stability and does not usually cause many problems. Especially if we are trying to transfer larger files than usual.

So, if this is your case, we recommend using the cable. To be able to connect them via USB it will be necessary to use a special adapter to establish a secure connection. In the event that it still does not work, we recommend restarting your smartphones. After the restart, you will have to try to connect them again. The last solution will be to restore the network configuration of the phones, if in your case you cannot use the wired method because you do not have one at hand.

Update Samsung Smart Switch

Like other tools from the Asian company, the problem of its malfunction may be caused by the need to update the software to make it work properly again. Whether we like it or not, many times the only solution will be updating to a new version. In this case, if it is impossible for you to transfer your files, you can try to update said tool.

In the event that Smart Switch has started to give you problems after updating it, you can try to go back to a previous version. Although, it is not usual for an app like this to give us these types of problems after having updated it. However, it is always something that can happen.

Backup problem

Another problem that many have probably had to face on their mobiles is a message that warns them that the backup could not be found. As we mentioned earlier, when using said app to transfer all our documents, a backup copy of the old phone is made in order to save them and later send them. In the event that this message appears, the fault will be that said copy has not been saved correctly.

Fortunately there is a solution, and we will only have to go to our old smartphone and enter its backup section to perform one manually. Once it is finished, you will have to try to download it from the new Samsung. In addition, the most common is that it will work without problems.

Notice of space not available

The last breakdown that we will have to deal with will surely arise when we try to send large files with this tool. And it is possible that you end up consuming all the free memory that your new mobile of this brand has available. If so, we will get a message that will warn us that there is not enough space.

In these situations, there are a series of options to resort to in order to avoid filling up the memory of the new smartphone. The first will be to use a microSD in the case that it has a slot for it, if not, we can choose to send fewer files to the brand new terminal or directly save some files in the cloud itself so that in this way they do not reach the new Samsung directly.

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