Realme sells 100 million mobiles in less than 3 years

A few months ago we told you that Realme had become the brand that had taken the least time to sell 50 million devices worldwide. Now the Chinese firm confirms its unstoppable trajectory, managing before anyone else to sell 100 million mobile phones. A brand that is undoubtedly a preview of everything to come.

And it is not surprising, seeing the numbers that Realme is signing in the shipments of devices worldwide, with growth in some cases of four figures compared to previous years.

The fastest growing mobile manufacturer

Already then, when it reached 50 million devices sold, it had become the first manufacturer on the planet to do so in such a short time, and now the Chinese company returns to sign the same feat, but multiplied. Realme has also achieved this milestone in the middle of the pandemic, something that undoubtedly gives extra merit to everything obtained in this period. Recall that just a few days ago the Strategy Analytics market report already placed the Chinese firm as the fifth most important in the world by the number of shipments.

Without a doubt, a challenge if we take into account that Realme was founded in May 2018, so it is a firm that has only been in the market for three years, of which a good part were developed in the Chinese market. The firm is now present in 61 markets worldwide, and has managed to shoot up its sales in a fairly homogeneous way in all of them. And there are many factors and events that have contributed to Realme making history in such a short time in the market. Realme CEO Sky Li. has assured that “young people, both our consumers and our workers, have taught us to dare to take a leap into the future and to be trendsetters, which has given us the courage to revolutionize a sector that was stagnant.”

A succession of unique mobiles

It is clear that mobile phones are the ones that have created this winning and groundbreaking image of Realme over the last few years. And it is that the brand has managed to capture the attention of users with mobile phones, who for the most part have always had something to say, and what to boast about.

Like the launch of the cheapest mobile with 5G connectivity on the market, with a price of less than 200 euros. These have counted in the first place with 64 megapixel cameras, Snapdragon 888 processors, as well as the ultra-fast charge of 125W, which can charge mobile phones in just 15 minutes. A series of innovations that have undoubtedly permeated the public who now see Realme as an innovative and very affordable firm at the same time. A growth that Realme wants to multiply in the coming years with its entry into the Internet of Things market. The firm is aware that this is a market in full expansion and that it can give many joys and good results in the coming years, hence it is already developing a whole range of products focused precisely on wearables, televisions, laptops, tablets and more which will surely take on a lot of prominence in the future of the brand, which, given what has been seen, does not seem to have limits.

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