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Redmi 10, does it really offer so much for so little money?

Mid-range mobiles increasingly offer more for less, that is obvious. And from time to time there are some models that remind us quite clearly. This is the case of the new Redmi 10 that has arrived this week in Spain, and that offers us a very adjusted price despite a notable jump in quality.

The new Xiaomi phone was presented a few weeks ago in China, and we finally have it in Spain, at a promotional price of demolition below 160 euros. We wonder if this phone is as good as it sounds at this price.

Stand out in almost everything

This Redmi 10 undoubtedly stands out for many things, but more if we compare it with its predecessor, and starting with its design. This terminal now has an almost premium mid-range look that has nothing to do with its predecessor. But it is also that it does not give up everything we can expect from a good mobile in its range. As a Full HD + display of 90Hz, a unique new processor G88 Helio as well as a new camera highlighted by a 50-megapixel sensor that multiplies which had its previous model, as well as the inclusion of stereo speakers.

One aspect that we quite doubted at the time was the presence of the NFC, which has not always been in this series, and yes, it has it, so it is a round mobile for the 159 euros that it will cost during its launch promotion. Now, if we roughly compare it with its competition, even within its own brand, what happens?

What about your competitors

The best way to know if this phone is worth the money, or is really worth paying for it, is by looking at its competition within its own brand. And it is that the Redmi Note 10 is a phone that without promotions, is now worth practically the same. And basically, if we choose the Redmi 10, we have to give up some things with respect to its brother in the range, such as a higher loading speed, as well as a more powerful processor.

Of course, on the contrary there is no NFC, in general, something essential today. But there are other mobiles as an alternative to this Redmi 10, such as the Realme Narzo 30A, a phone designed for the cheapest entry range, and in front of this, the Redmi 10 demonstrates its power, improving it in all facets, from the screen, to the processor, the camera or the battery, although it is somewhat more expensive. Finally, the Realme 8 is a mobile that moves at prices similar to those that this Redmi 10 will have without promotions, and it far exceeds it in different aspects.

Therefore, to the question of whether it offers so much for what it is worth, we can say yes, clearly, especially when compared to its predecessor the Redmi 9. Now, when you are faced with other alternatives of your own brand or competition, in a price range of 20 or 30 euros, there is much more equality, and you cannot be so categorical.

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