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Save battery without doing «almost» anything on your Xiaomi mobile

Something that we are constantly trying to improve on mobile phones is the battery and for this we have come to try to do some real magic with the software. On this occasion, however, what we are going to do is very simple, because we are going to be able to get an extra battery in Xiaomi just by using its themes.

Xiaomi smartphones have among the advantages of MIUI with access to their own themes, which are developed by anonymous users, experts and also the brand itself to change the style of our mobile. This incidentally, will be what helps us to optimize the battery and thereby extend the time of use until we need the charger again.

How can themes on drums help us?

Many may be wondering how it is possible that a simple and simple theme has a positive or negative effect on our smartphone. It is not a change of ROM, or any tool that will limit the possibilities or the synchronization of the mobile, but it only has an effect on the aesthetics that the mobile presents. The explanation is very simple, since some themes favor energy saving by being based on dark tones or pure blacks, which in Amoled screens is a great advantage.

With this we achieve that a greater number of pixels are always off and therefore do not drain the battery. Now that the mid-range has installed AMOLED screens in Xiaomi, adding all the high-end screens that have already enjoyed and enjoy it, it leaves us a wide range of smartphones ready to benefit from it. But if in our case we have a mobile with an LCD panel, this window will also be of help although not so important.

MIUI themes to save battery

As we do not all have the same tastes, we have located a series of topics that help to save Xiaomi battery so that you can choose. Some more minimalist, others more classic, but above all focused on our main purpose, that of making the battery last and last.

To do this, we are only going to have to enter the themes app of our Xiaomi mobile and look for the name of the themes that you are going to make known. By downloading and installing them we will begin to benefit from their advantages and we will be able to verify that with the same or similar use, we get a little more autonomy.

Minimal Flat and Black

The beauty of the themes that we find is one of the best icons that we are going to see in the entire repertoire. A theme that adapts the home and lock screen to black to achieve the best battery optimization. Along with this change, the quick access panel does not suffer too many modifications beyond the color, but where we have the big difference is in the icons.

The developer has managed to adapt them to an endless number of apps with a result worthy of admiration and that we use it to benefit battery saving in a prominent way. Even the folders are adapted to the theme to achieve our purpose, not to waste the battery.

Black Smart 5

Another topic that focuses on achieving a better optimization of the smartphone’s battery is Black Smart 5, which is inspired by the design of Xiaomi gamers’ phones. A theme that gives great importance to black and green, with many icons that adapt to the theme and some others that do not, but above all giving priority to pure black that does not go with half tones. We are only going to find variations in the quick access bar, available for both the renovated control center and the classic one.

Soft night

For those looking for a differentiating theme and that at the same time offers us the advantage of not consuming hardly any battery, Soft Night is the option. It is one of the best rated themes in the entire app and allows us to enjoy a totally new mobile just by installing it. From the lock screen to the home screen of our mobile will change.

Another detail that it modifies and that few themes carry out is the adaptation of notifications, allowing us to see a style that nothing resembles what MIUI shows us by default. The only but is that we will have to see an ad to get it for free. This theme is identified as premium although Xiaomi allows us to obtain it after seeing an ad of a few seconds, which is worth it to always have it stored in our available themes.

Black red bump

For those who like a much more groundbreaking style, this theme where the color red gains prominence is ideal and which also adapts to curved mobile screens. In addition to the red, the black color shows us that desired black that allows us to extend the battery of our mobile. A theme that has managed to develop practically all the icons that we will need so that the visual aspect is very homogeneous.

City view

Last but not least, we come across a topic where black is mixed with gray tones that also need less energy to display. In this case, the design changes especially in the icons, with shapes inspired by other Xiaomi designs and those icons that have not been redesigned can be adapted without problem. Both the application drawer and the taskbar or the lock screen offer us a similar style.

Don’t forget the rest of the drum tips

Although the topics will mark a before and after in the management of the battery of our smartphone, we must not forget other tips. Yes, obviously we resort to using games a lot, we use the camera or the GPS for hours, this will be noticed and the subject will not achieve a miracle. For this reason, we must continue to do everything that we have recommended other times, among which is:

  • Reduce screen brightness.
  • Use the dark mode of the mobile.
  • Disable Bluetooth and unnecessary connections.
  • Resort to saving battery at certain times.

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