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Say goodbye to Xiaomi’s problems with MicroSD cards

There are already several problems that we have encountered in Xiaomi phones when receiving MIUI 12, although now we run into one that was quite unexpected. Several users have suffered with the memory card failure when updating the Xiaomi mobile to the latest version of the operating system, which seems to block access to the card and prevents us from storing anything.

Luckily, the latest version of the Xiaomi customization layer offers us many solutions to memory problems in Xiaomi that we are going to know below. In one way or another we will end up finding the key that allows us to continue enjoying the best way of our Xiaomi mobile without this problem limiting our storage capacity.

Memory cards are arranged the same in all versions

It may be that in MIUI 9, MIUI 10, MIUI 11 or MIUI 12 the name of the internal storage configuration menu differs slightly but, in the end, they are all in the same place.

In general, as long as ours is compatible with a MicroSD card (there are mobiles that are not and even so users spend hours looking for their settings) the configuration of it will be done from the Storage menu. This option may be located within a menu but you can always use the settings finder and enter “storage” or “MicroSD” to get to the same place.

Once located, follow these steps.

MicroSD not working? Try this

Among all the configuration options that we find in the Xiaomi software, there are a few that can help us to alleviate the problem. If, after properly adjusting the system, the faults do not disappear, alternative fixes should be tried.

Format the memory card on MIUI

The fastest and easiest solution is found in the settings of our mobile. We have at our disposal a simple button that allows us to erase everything on the card so that it works as it should in our Xiaomi again. We must do this by entering Settings> About the phone and then entering Storage. When we go down, we will contrast with the option «Format the SD card».

Before doing this obviously we have to remove all the files that we have saved with the help of a computer or another mobile if we do not want to lose everything forever. After doing this the problems with the micro-SD card in MIUI 12 will be solved, although if this does not happen, we have other options.

Virtual memory card removal

In case the above has not worked, what we must do is extract the card with the help of the skewer that comes in the mobile box and insert it again, sometimes only blowing is corrected. However, this is likely that you have already thought about it and everything remains the same, which is why we must return to the Storage section, we go down and this time we touch on “Unmount SD card”.

After a few seconds of waiting, we do the reverse and ride it virtually. If this has not been useful, we disassemble the memory card again, restart the mobile and again click on the button to mount the memory card that now I wanted freed from this strange error with the memory card in MIUI 12 that so many problems.

Give permissions back to the memory card

Finally, if all of the above has not solved the failure of the Micro SD in MIUI, we have to think about a problem with the access permissions to the memory card in MIUI 12. Apparently, the system has skipped this need for the that have passed from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12, but there is a way to renew these access permissions, as follows:

  • We enter the Xiaomi Files application.
  • We keep our finger on a photo or files.
  • We choose «Move».
  • We choose SD Card and then paste in any folder on our memory card.

Just by doing this, those permissions should have been renewed and we will have access to all the available storage of the removable card of the smartphone.

More options to fix the error

So far, we have touched the configuration of the Xiaomi operating system but this is something that can be the solution only if the MicroSD card is in good condition. How can we know if it is damaged or does not work as it should normally?

Try another MicroSD on the mobile

The simplest thing is, whenever you have the opportunity, to try another memory card in the phone. Ask a friend or family member for yours and detect if the smartphone reads it correctly. Even if you can buy one, the better, so you make sure that a new MicroSD functions seamlessly on the phone.

Test the “affected” card on another smartphone

But, perhaps before carrying out the previous step, it would be more appropriate for someone to leave you their phone and try to insert the card that does not work on your mobile. If when using it with another phone it still doesn’t work, it seems pretty clear that it is the accessory that is not working.

The problem appears when using your MicroSD card in another smartphone, it works normally. Here it is clear that the origin of the problem is in Xiaomi’s own mobile and we only have one thing left to do.

Factory restoration

As you have seen, there are not many configuration options that can solve possible bugs with the MicroSD but there is an option that fixes bugs and errors with the card and any other that is making us crazy on the phone. We are talking of course about returning the mobile to its original state.

From the Backup and Restore menu, when you select the Delete all option, apps, content, photos, settings and errors that the mobile has been dragging for a long time will be deleted. Logically, for this emotional reason, a backup must be made first.

If after doing so, the mobile still does not read the MicroSD, we can only take it for repair.

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