Say potato! Use your Mi Band to take photos with your mobile

There is no doubt that the Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the benchmark bracelets in this sector when buying a new one. In addition, over the years it has always been arriving on the market loaded with novelties. But, unfortunately, not all of them land in our country. Here we do not have NFC compatibility or oxygen meter, at least we can make use of its PAI technology or the remote control of the mobile camera to take photos.

The truth is that when the Xiaomi bracelet had not even been presented, numerous leaks bet because the successor of the Mi Band 4 would add the control of the camera to the control of other smartphone apps such as multimedia playback. And the truth is that it was, as has happened with the Mi Band 6. Although what really interests us is its function as a remote trigger. Therefore, if what you want is to take photos from a distance and you have this accessory in your hand, it is time to configure it to turn it into a remote control.

Do all Mi Band have this function?

If you have a Mi Band 2, 3 and 4 in your possession, the truth is that you will not have this function natively, so you will have to resort to third-party apps to be able to turn your smartband into a remote control in order to take photos with the mobile from without having to touch your smartphone. In addition, its configuration will not be as simple to carry out as in the new models. Even when using our bracelet as a remote trigger, they do not recommend using our smartphone’s own camera app, but other third-party software so that there are no possible errors.

Although I am sure that if you have this device in your possession, from the Mi Band 5, surely you took it knowing that it is possible to take photos with this bracelet without having to touch the mobile at any time. However, it may have been the case that you have gone crazy following the indications on the bracelet itself.

It indicates that to activate this functionality we have to enter My Fit, select camera settings and synchronize the bracelet with the mobile. However, this path is wrong. Although do not worry, because we will explain what are the proper steps to turn this Xiaomi smartband into a remote trigger.

Enable camera control from Xiaomi bracelet

To enable the function, you must open Mi Fit, go to your profile and select your Xiaomi Mi Band, remember that we must have one of the last two models that have been launched on the market, as it is available natively since the launch of the Mi Band 5.

After selecting your bracelet, this is where we must locate the Laboratory menu and, once inside, you will be able to find the necessary settings to take photos with your mobile phone by pressing your bracelet. Inside, you will find the camera settings as shown in the following image. Therefore, you only have to click on it to start activating this useful functionality.

Once inside, you will find a screen with the instructions to link the bracelet with the camera of the mobile in order to use the wearable device of the Asian firm as a remote controller that acted as a trigger for the mobile. That is, it will only be enough to press the button that will appear on our bracelet to take an image. To know exactly how it works, we recommend that you continue reading.

How the remote trigger of the Mi Band works

The reality is that the procedure to use this tool is very simple. Once you have linked your Mi Band with the camera of your mobile phone, you must scroll through the bracelet menu by sliding your finger from the bottom up until you find the “More” menu.

When you are inside, and if you have known how to link your smartband correctly, you will find an option called “Camera” or “Camera remote control”, which is the one that will indicate the steps to follow to connect with the mobile device. As you have already done in the previous step, the only thing you should see is an interface with a shutter and a shutter as shown in the following photos as soon as you open the mobile camera. That is, in case a white circle does not appear on your wearable, you will have to follow the steps in the previous section again to carry out a correct link between your bracelet and your smartphone.

Of course, it is important to know that if you do not have the camera app itself open on your mobile device, this function will not work at any time. So before trying to take a photo by pressing the shutter button from your smartband, you must manually open the camera app on your smartphone. In this way, by pressing the shutter button on the bracelet, photos will be taken remotely without touching the smartphone, something especially useful when taking any type of photos. Especially if you want to take photos of yourself or you don’t want to be the only one who doesn’t appear in a group image. In addition, you will be able to take stable snapshots without the need for a tripod, since it will only be enough to place your mobile at any point.

How do I deactivate it on my bracelet?

In the event that you have tired of this function, you can always opt for the option to unlink your bracelet from the camera of your mobile. To do this, the steps to follow will be very similar, since only the last step will change. The first thing we must do is enter My Fit, select our smartband and then enter the Laboratory menu. Once we are in this section, we will have to go back to the camera settings and click on this option. Finally, we will only have to press the ” Unlink ” button to be able to remove our bracelet from the phone and thus not have this extra function activated to make captures from our bracelet.

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