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Snapdragon processors for mobiles in 2021 which is the most beast?

Among the many sections that make the difference in our phones, we cannot deny that the processor is the most important. This is in charge of setting the rhythm of action, as well as being the one that allows the rest of the components to work as they should. The importance is such that not just any mobile processor is worth it and, in this Qualcomm, has a lot to say.

Since the year 2021 began, we have had the chance to meet many processors, some for the top mobiles, others for the mid-range or entry-level range. If you are thinking of renewing your mobile, you will be interested in knowing what all of them are capable of and that is why we are going to summarize quickly, easily and closely what they are capable of or what users they are designed for.

What differentiates each top processor of 2021?

Qualcomm is in charge of manufacturing Snapdragon processors, which have been highly relevant for years in the Android world. Their results support them and that has led them to become the favorite manufacturer for many. We go on to know everything they have developed this year 2021 and what would be the chip to choose for the mobile that will replace the one we have.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+

We start with the highest range, the processor that offers a plus with respect to the powerful Snapdragon 888 and as we can imagine, it is developed for the top. A chip manufactured in 5 nanometers and that has the Adreno 660 GPU. Semiconductor top of 2021 that does not want to disappoint us under any application or process, therefore it offers 3 GHz in the eight cores that it integrates. Processor that is equipped with the best of the best, to be for a time in the elite, improving what already seemed unbeatable with better AI-based processes. Undoubtedly the one that will be known as “the most beast chip” of what we have this year.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 870

At the beginning of the year, we had the opportunity to meet a chip that broke the mold and offered us not only maximum power, but also the ability to reduce prices in the high-end range. A processor that has not disappointed and we have seen it countless times, including with the Poco F3 that stood out in price and possibilities. All this thanks to the 7-nanometer manufacturing together with the Adreno 650 and its eight cores at a maximum of 3.2GHz. A “processor bum” that doesn’t disappoint on all demanding tasks.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 860

One of the surprise chips that the year 2021 has left us has been the Snapdragon 860. A model that became the winning section of the Poco X3 Pro by offering an extra with respect to the previous Snapdragon 855+. A way to opt for technologies that already exist at a lower cost, thus creating a new life through the integration of 5G and its eight cores capable of reaching 2.96 GHz.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 780G

Another of the great premieres of the year has had this chip in charge of leading it. Processor that continues with 5 nanometers to provide power to the upper mid-range, even with an advanced fast charge from the hand of Quick Charge 4+, with screens up to 144 Hz and cameras reaching 192 megapixels. All this moved through a frequency of up to 2.4 GHz and without forgetting 5G.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G

Without getting off the Qualcomm 700 series, we stumble upon a chip that is halfway between the mid-range and the high-end. A powerful processor that could be a Snapdragon 879 lite. Integrating 5G and produced in 6 nanometers, it offers us everything we could want in a chip. Its features even give us the ability to enjoy 144 Hz on the screen, together with a maximum clock frequency of up to 2.4GHz.

Which one should you choose?

We have come across a lot of processors that do not make it easy for us at all and among which we should choose a chip according to our needs. Without a doubt if we think of squeezing the smartphone to the fullest through very complex games and processes, the 800 series for us. Previously in cameras we would also have to resort to it, but now as we have seen we can enjoy great photographic results, fabulous screens and features in all the new 700 series.

With all the processors that Qualcomm has released this year and that we have mentioned, our mobile will not suffer with day-to-day tasks, being in the games or differentiating sections that will make us leave us some more money. Although we can always think of the Snapdragon 870, which gives the best of itself at a reasonable price.

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