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That your Samsung mobile never turns off when you are looking at it

The software of mobile devices has not stopped evolving over the years. And it is that we have gone from those phones that could barely count on a good screen quality, until today, that we can achieve that its touch panel never turns off while we are not using it for a certain time.

And it is that, although it does not really seem a benefit, we are facing one of those software implementations that helps many of us to control the mobile screen with only our eyes. However, it is not one of those functionalities that all mobile devices have today. Although in the case of Samsung, if we have the smart fixation that we will explain below. However, its characteristic function is limited to one thing only, our face.

Samsung’s smart fixation

This feature that is integrated into all the smartphones of the South Korean company is based on a fairly simple system for it to work. And the best thing about this is that it is not at all necessary for the phone itself to have exclusive hardware so that we can have it in our terminal. Basically, because its use will be through operating the front camera of our smartphone for just a short second of time.

In this way, the phone will be able by itself to recognize our gaze and know if we are paying attention to the mobile or not. And it is that it would be quite rare to find today a smartphone that does not have among its specifications a camera for selfies on the top of its touch panel. Therefore, it does not suppose any type of effort to carry out this software for mobile devices.

Although it is not the only mechanism that can be implemented to achieve this type of function. For example, easy recognition through the sensors of smartphones can also become another very useful way to further improve this system with which we will achieve one thing: prevent the screen of a Samsung phone from turning off while we are looking at it. In the case of the South Korean manufacturer’s mobile phones, it only works by detecting the users’ faces through the device’s front camera.

In addition, it will work with anyone who is looking at our Samsung, as it is not based as much on the facial recognition that is used to unlock our mobile phone. Therefore, anyone can be able to keep the screen on for as long as you want while looking at it.

How to activate this function of the Samsung

Luckily, practically all the smartphones of the Asian company with One UI have this functionality known as Smart Fixation. In addition, all phones have a front camera, so it will not be necessary to check whether or not you have this software system in your terminal.

And it is that, one of the first Android mobile brands to make use of this technology was Samsung itself, which is why it is integrated into each and every one of its mobile models from the old Galaxy S6. So, over the years this tool from the Korean firm has improved a lot.

Therefore, in order to activate it, the steps to follow are quite simple and not complicated to follow. And are next:

  1. Open your Samsung smartphone settings.
  2. Search and enter the Advanced functions section.
  3. Tap on Motions and gestures.
  4. Activate the Smart Fix option.

Once pressed, we will already have the option with which we will always be able to keep the touch screen while we are looking at it. Because, as we said, it uses the front camera of the mobile device to detect our face. In the event that we want to deactivate it, we will only have to press this switch again. In addition, this software tool for Samsung panels has different drawbacks that can lead to it not working correctly and that we will explain below.

Why doesn’t it work when I enable it on my mobile?

More than one user has surely seen this advanced function within the settings of their smartphone and has not understood very well what benefits it brings and how it really works. Well, there are many users who have decided to end up deactivating it, since they did not notice any benefit from having it enabled. However, this could happen because the Smart Fix option has different disadvantages in the following cases:

  • When our smartphone is not being held vertically.
  • If the front camera of the Samsung phone fails, so it will not recognize either the face or the eyes well.
  • In the event that the light in our environment is very dark, as the camera will not be able to recognize well whether or not we are looking at the panel of the mobile.
  • If the selfie camera is being used by another application on our mobile device. In this case, its incorrect use could occur if we have some type of personalization launcher, battery savers, antivirus or space cleaners, it could be affecting its correct operation. Therefore, from Samsung itself, they recommend that we try to uninstall them from our smartphone to see if this is the cause of the problem.

In addition, it is always recommended that we check if we have any update available to the system of our smartphone. To do this, we must enter Settings> Software update and see if we have a new version or patch available to download and install. Well, it may correct a specific problem that could be affecting its proper functioning and we were unaware of it.

A last option will be to reset the settings that we have been configuring on the phone, since maybe we have touched something that could be affecting the smart fixation of Samsung. To do this, we will have to enter Settings> General administration> Reset> Reset settings. Later, we will have to check if the problem has disappeared and that this tool works without problem on our phone.

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