The big change of Samsung. Steam chambers by 2022?

The commitment to having steam chambers to achieve better cooling and heat dissipation in mobile phones is not something new. Samsung has already released this technology in some of its models such as the high-end of the Galaxy S10. Therefore, it is not surprising that the South Korean company has considered recovering this cooling system after achieving significant improvements in performance.

However, as has been seen, the different mobiles that have been released in recent years no longer had a steam chamber. Among the most recent are the Galaxy S21, since in the Note 20 or the Galaxy S20 some models were found with this system. Although, this could change as of next year, as the latest leaks point out.

The Galaxy S22 with a steam chamber?

The truth is that the South Korean company was the first mobile manufacturer to bet on this cooling system. Even so, it would be a big change for the Asian brand, since with this technology they would be able to improve the performance optimization of their mobile devices. Especially when the user demands greater power from the terminal, for example, to use certain video games.

More than anything, because the terminals become thinner and the use of more components, implies a greater increase in the temperature of your mobile devices. Basically, this technology is based on placing a flat metal container dissipation chamber that is vacuum sealed inside the smartphone itself. In this way, it is possible to dissipate the heat generated thanks to a vaporization mechanism, causing a significant reduction in the temperature of the device. In addition, this system is faster than a standard system, which can be found in many current telephones.

For this reason, the latest news to arrive is aimed at Samsung being willing to use this solution again to improve its smartphones from next year. Although it is unknown if it will be intended only for its top smartphones, as is the case with the Galaxy S22.

In addition, it should be remembered that this line of the South Korean brand could debut the new Exynos 2200 SoC, in which we will see a GPU of another level after the collaboration between Samsung and AMD. In this way, it would not be strange to see how they include this cooling system in their terminals, with the simple objective of being able to better control temperatures at certain times.

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