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The essential settings to release your new OPPO

Normally when we launch a smartphone, we do not know very well how we can configure it without wasting time on nonsense or not adjusting anything that we should not touch. In addition, this configuration can be somewhat more complicated if we change from one brand to another. In today’s case we will give a series of options that are fundamental in OPPO smartphones.

ColorOS, the software layer of the Asian brand offers us a variety of settings with which to make the most of their smartphones. So, we will show you how you have to configure your new smartphone for the first time as soon as you take it out of the box and release it. These tips will also be useful for those users who have been using their terminal for a while, but may not have been able to configure any of these settings.

Start the OPPO welcome tutorial

As soon as we turn on our new OPPO mobile, we will have to do a small initial configuration that may vary in the different models of the brand, since it will also depend on the software version you have. However, there will not be many differences, so you can surely apply it on your mobile phone.

Therefore, as soon as we turn on the smartphone, the logo of the Asian brand appears for the first time and, after this, we will have to select the language that we will use on our mobile phone and the country in which we are residing, basically with this little choice we get it to be configured with the date and time of our location.

Afterwards, it will be the turn to connect to a Wi-Fi network. If in your case you skipped this step during the initial setup, don’t worry, because it will be easy to follow and very similar to other mobile devices. To do this, enter your terminal settings, then select Wi-Fi to show all available networks. After this, click on the network you want to connect to and enter the password.

But if in your case you want to add it manually, you will have to click on the option to Add a Network manually in which we will put the name of said network and its respective password. And continuing with the initial configuration, it will be the turn to accept the conditions of use, both the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy. Although from now on comes the most important thing.

Set up your mobile accounts

After setting up the main connection of our phone, that is, the fact that we can already connect to the Internet with our mobile device through a Wi-Fi connection. It is time to move on to the settings of our OPPO accounts. And it is that it will be an essential step that we must take yes or yes, not only for security reasons, but also for the simple fact of having each of the Google services.

It will also be necessary to be able to download content from Google Play, make backup copies of applications, synchronizations and activate extra options from the American protection company. So, we will have to log in with our Google account. In the event that you have forgotten your email address, we can put a phone number or other email.

If we do not have any, we will have to click on Create account. However, if you prefer to configure this step later, you can click Skip. When you decide to add your account, you will have to go to the settings of your smartphone, click on Users and accounts> Add account> Google. In this way, you can now log in and thus activate it on your OPPO phone.

Put security on your smartphone

Then, it will be the turn to go on to configure the password, fingerprint and face lock. And it is an essential step that we must follow in order to increase the security of all the data that we will store on our mobile phone. In addition, they will not only be important to unlock the mobile device itself, but it will also be necessary to make payments with the terminal itself.

Therefore, the first thing that we must enter in our OPPO will be an access code. The default value will be 6 digits, but when clicking on other encryption methods, we will have the alternative of putting a pattern code, a 4-digit numeric code, a 4-to-16-digit code or an alphanumeric code also from 4 to 16. After this step, it will be the turn to add our fingerprint to the smartphone. If in your case you do not want to use it, click on Skip.

Although the fastest way to unlock our smartphone will always be facial recognition, since it has an incredible speed of 0.08 seconds. Of course, to obtain the best results when it comes to configuring the unlocking, we must have our face from the mobile device at a distance of 20 to 50 centimeters.

However, this last option will only leave us once we have finished configuring our smartphone initially. So, once we have achieved it, we must access Settings> fingerprint, face and password> and click on Face. Once we have followed the facial recognition wizard, we can choose the functions of the device that can use face unlocking. To do this, click on Face> Use face for and choose the options you need.

Check out software and app updates

It may be that during the initial setup you decided to use the Clone phone function or import data from OPPO smartphones. With this tool, it is easy to import or clone all the data from our old phone to the new one, be it Android or iPhone. However, when you carry out this step, the applications you have may not be up to date, so the first thing we should do is check if there is anything new for the third-party software that we had installed.

To check it, we will have to enter Google Play and touch on the photo of our profile. Then, click on Manage apps and device to update those applications that had a pending version. After this, it will be the turn to check if our own mobile device has its operating system up to date.

And it is that the most important of all to be able to achieve the highest possible security, as well as the most fluid performance will be the fact of having the system updated. More than anything, because the fact that it has the latest security patches, for example, can prevent us from suffering different attacks or security flaws. Or, also, the fact of solving a problem of a previous version.

That is why the last step to complete a correct configuration of our OPPO phone will be checking if we have pending updates. To do this, follow these steps: Settings> Software update> Download and install. You can also choose if we allow the smartphone to be downloaded automatically when it is connected to Wi-Fi networks or at night to avoid data consumption.

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