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The expected (and confirmed) news in MIUI 13

One of the most popular and widespread layers of character in the world is MIUI, which is getting closer to letting us know MIUI 13. This year many internal changes are planned to improve the user experience with the terminals, that is why all the news that we may find sooner or later takes special relevance.

Xiaomi itself has not yet confirmed the changes that will come, but we have revealed a lot about this new generation of its software. Some of the news have come through leaks and others, however, have already been seen through the first beta versions, let us take a look at changes that will arrive safely.

Rumors, leaks and possibilities in MIUI 13

Xiaomi does not usually leave anything to the imagination and for months it has been working on everything that is to come to MIUI 13. With the intention of satisfying its users, it has shown through the forums some details that could reach users end to enjoy and make MIUI 13 a better layer, with which everyone is happy. But to this we also have to add some leaks and needs that the layer has, where Xiaomi is also putting the eye and the bullet.

We share the complete list of news that are to come to Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco and what it may mean if everything runs its course:

  • Modify the color of the system fonts.
  • More information about storage.
  • Better and more advanced backups.
  • Create sticky notes on the home screen.
  • Set the phone’s flashlight.
  • Renewed animations in the system.
  • Screen recording with new sound options.
  • Create shortcuts to documents.
  • More and improved super wallpapers.
  • Camera improvements with new AI for all mobiles.
  • Advanced and interactive widgets.
  • Add and manage reminders on important notifications.

Endless new features that are not merely functional changes, but will be accompanied by many improvements in the system to end MIUI 12 problems that are still present even in MIUI 12.5. Xiaomi has a long way to go to make MIUI 13 meet the expectations of the most demanding.

Changes confirmed and in development

But beyond all those changes that seem very promising, but we are not sure that they will end up arriving, since Xiaomi does not always deliver and this news do not always end up being reality, we look at what will come. There are some changes that are already underway and that can already be seen in the first beta versions of MIUI 13 although they have not left the Chinese market.

IOS-style widgets

If Xiaomi is known for something, it is for looking at the best of the competition and this time it will not lose the possibility. Interactive widgets are already in development and promise to completely change our experience. Some images have already let us see how the weather app or its best tools adapts to this new style based on adaptable formats. Even the gallery, as in the iPhone, is integrated.

Gesture Turbo 2.0

One of the most repeated complaints in past versions has to do with the gestures and animations of the system, something that will change after confirming Xiaomi that it works on its new gestures. For now, it is not known everything that they will be able to offer us, although it has been revealed that they will offer a more fluid experience and adapted to what users ask for.

Minimalist redesign

Although in some of the images of the widgets we could already get an idea of ​​how the change and evolution of MIUI 13 would be, another leak allows us to see a style more associated with Android 12. Xiaomi increasingly “drinks” more from the Android version Stock and as confirmed by these images is a step that seems to be confirmed after seeing these images on social networks in China.

Virtual RAM expansion

In the same way that other manufacturers are already showing, Xiaomi will integrate together with MIUI 13 its option to improve the RAM of smartphones. From a portion of the internal memory, it will be possible to generate a kind of “not real” RAM that will allow a higher browsing speed and better multitasking management.

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