The gigantic zoom of the Huawei P50 that will surprise you

If a few days ago we already made it clear that the new Huawei P50s were just around the corner, we have already been able to confirm that it will be officially presented on July 29. After several weeks full of rumors, we finally have an official date. Although, this has not prevented us from continuing to discover more details about what awaits us with this next generation of the flagship of the Chinese firm.

In addition, recently we were able to know those details that future buyer tend to like, that is, we discovered which cameras will be mounted on two of the three models that Huawei will debut. However, it has now been discovered that one of the keys in which a big difference will be noticed from the previous generation of the P series will be in the technology of its zoom.

The impressive zoom of the Huawei P50

It is clear that Huawei wants to surprise with the launch of this new generation of smartphones. In addition, he already did it at the time when we could taste a little how his design would become with the small teaser that they showed us during the HarmonyOS 2 event. In this video, we could see a configuration of his cameras that surprised many by his characteristic shape.

However, it has now been leaked that these terminals, at least the Huawei P50 Pro, will come with a new type of zoom in its camera. In the last Pro models of this series, as was the case with the P30 Pro, we already saw we could enjoy a 5X optical, which was driven by the new 40-megapixel periscope camera system.

In addition, the Asian company also announced that this same smartphone could reach a zoom of up to 50X digitally, which is a novelty that the users of the firm liked very much. However, as a well-known leaker on Weibo lets us see, these next Huawei terminals could have a 20X optical, which could reach up to 200X thanks to a technology that they have called ” binocular zoom ”

Although, there is still no official confirmation on the possible arrival of this technology to the camera of the P50. But, if so, surely more than one will leave their mouths open. And it would all be thanks to the periscope technology that was already released with the arrival of the P30, although now they would have managed to improve this technology even more. As we could also see in the P40 Pro +, which already had a distance of 10X optical and 100X digital.

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