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The great fiasco, for now, of the under-screen camera on your mobile

Smartphone manufacturers are always looking to constantly innovate in order to surprise users and tempt them to buy their mobile device. How is the case of the camera under the screen, exactly the front one? It is one of those technologies in which in recent months we have not stopped listening. Even many brands are working around the clock to start implementing it on their mobiles.

However, despite the fact that it is becoming popular, many users still do not really understand what it is. And, above all, how it is possible that they can include a sensor under a panel that can take photos.

What is behind this technology

It is no mystery, since as its own name makes us see, the camera will be located below the panel of the mobile device. That is, the sensor will be hidden from anyone’s view, but that does not mean that it will stop taking photos. Of course, to be able to capture snapshots, the camera has to be able to adapt and the screen has to become transparent at the moment in which we are going to take a photo, allowing the passage of light.

Without these facts it will be impossible for this technology to work. And not only that, but the software also needs to be able to adapt as well, in order to improve the image alteration. Something that different manufacturers are working on and for which its arrival at the current big brands is being delayed so much.

In the case of Xiaomi, for example, it has introduced in its patents a small transparent screen just above the camera in question. Therefore, the sensor will have enough capacity to capture the external image. On the other hand, other brands like OPPO use a somewhat different system in their under-screen camera. With this technology we will forget forever the small space that is in our mobiles for the front sensor, also known as notch.

Are there mobiles with this type of camera?

The first brand that has bet on launching a mobile device with this technology has been ZTE with the Axon 20 5G. However, despite the great advances made by this bet, the reality is that the main problem that this terminal has is due to the great reduction in quality both in the front camera and in the screen itself. Therefore, today, the best option for manufacturers is still the use of notches, in order to continue offering the best final result in the image of the selfie sensor and its panels. However, there are other manufacturers such as OPPO, Samsung, Xiaomi or even Huawei, who continue to work tirelessly on this technology to obtain good results and be able to include it in their next terminals. Since, the main problem with this technology is that its quality is not suitable enough to start producing smartphones with it.

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