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The iPhone 13 discovered at 90%. All its news

The iPhone 13 series, which is about to be formally announced by Apple, has already seen countless leaks before it is released, we hope, in less than a month. That is why we are going to take care of collecting them all to shape the next great top of the range of Apple, at least until the day of the Keynote of those of Cupertino is confirmed.

Apple will present 4 new models, following the 2020 strategy, in mid-September. The most likely date for the presentation to take place is September 13 but it could vary one week up or another down. The iPhone 13 MiniiPhone 13iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max will once again be the stars of the show.

Almost certainly, this will be the iPhone 13

The latest research from media such as Trend Force indicates that some of the notable hardware updates of the iPhone 13 belong to the Apple A15 bionic SoC, which this time will be manufactured under the 5nm + format, which allows better performance and lower power consumption. In addition, phones with 5G support (“faivyi”) mm Wave will be available for sale in more countries than what happened last year.

The iPhone 13 will see a change in its motherboard, going from a flexible rigid PCB to a new design with Sip combined with flexible PCB. This, written in Christian, means that there will be more space savings that will probably be used to mount a larger battery capacity in their phones, which would be the first big change from the new phones of the North American firm. In addition, the load of these cells would grow to 25W per cable.

The screen would be quite similar to those seen in 2020 in each of the 4 models but there would be a peculiarity. The notch would be somewhat smaller thanks to the possibility of relocating the front sensors of the iPhone 13, leaving only this space reserved for the FaciaID, which will continue to be present on the phone despite the fact that many leaks pointed to the return of the TouchID. It seems that this year, for now, we will have to wait. Of course, we must bear in mind that one of the great rumors of the iPhone 13 claims that all versions of the phone will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

This time all the models, and not only the Pro, would have 3 sensors, since LiDAR would be added to both the iPhone 13 Mini and the standard iPhone 13, allowing a much more realistic measurement and detection of objects by laser and thus be able to improve the blur of our photos and, in general, the quality of the images.

Regarding the design, the mobile would arrive in stores in Sunset Gold, Matte Black, Rosé and Pearl colors, that is, with two new tones with a slight golden touch.

In terms of retail prices, the iPhone 13 series is expected to remain similar to the iPhone 12 series assuming that Apple can control manufacturing costs, as the latest models, as it may be, would not have significant updates. hardware.

Recall that the current phones of those from Cupertino reached Spanish stores for 809 for the cheapest model, the iPhone 12 Mini, reaching up to 1,159 euros that the simplest version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max costs.

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