The iPhone 14 wants to be the Terminator of mobiles

Since the iPhone 13 is just a month and a half away from being presented, we have already started to run into the first rumors of its successor, the iPhone 14. According to a new JP Morgan ChaseSe investor report, next year’s iPhone is expected to feature four high-end models with a new, stronger chassis.

Apple’s idea is to improve the hardness of its mobile manufactured inside with a titanium alloy, which would be one of the biggest changes in the design of the iPhone 14. In addition, the report details that Foxconn will be the exclusive manufacturer of these new material frames for high-end models. This would imply that it would be the first time that the De Cupertinos make use of titanium in an iPhone, although currently it already uses the material for some models of Apple Watch Series 6, and the physical Apple Card.

A tougher iPhone

Currently it is not that Apple phones are fragile, as the latest generation iPhones are made of aluminum and stainless steel. Compared to this material, titanium has a relatively higher hardness that makes it more resistant to scratches, and its rigidity makes it durable enough to withstand bending. It is also more resistant to corrosion compared to many other alloys.

But this does not mean that the change is positive at all, since, for example, it is a magnet for fingerprints, leaving unattractive marks on devices. Titanium’s hardness also makes it difficult to engrave, which can make it less attractive. However, Apple has been researching how it can overcome both problems. Recent patent applications reveal that the American firm is considering the use of thin oxide coatings for metal surfaces that can significantly reduce the appearance of fingerprints on this material.

However, the main problem of fragility of the iPhone is not in its chassis, but in its screen. A slight fall can cause the front or rear glass to break, something that will happen sooner or later to those who have a brand phone.

It is still too early to confirm this design change. First, we have to see what the iPhone 13 has in store for us, which, if nothing changes Apple’s strategy, should be launched next September.

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