The new Nokia X20 arrives with the intention of staying a long time

A few months ago, HMD Global, the company responsible for the manufacture of Nokia mobile phones, announced under a new proposal different mobile phones with a clear purpose, durability. Among those announced is the new Nokia X20, which promises to last significantly longer than what we are used to in the mobile phone market and which also has a three-year warranty, a figure higher than the average in the market. sector.

This device belongs to the X-series, the new range and the highest quality of the Nokia brand. The Finnish brand has made every effort to ensure that mobile phones have a longer useful life. Proof of this is its 100% compostable cover that will not only protect your mobile against damage caused by possible falls, but will also contribute to the environment. In this sense, plastic chargers have been eliminated in order to reduce the ecological impact.

The smartphones belonging to this new range have passed all kinds of tests that have to do, for example, with the measurement of force up to wear and tear and scratches. In fact, these types of tests are very strict. On the other hand, its conservation and durability are not guaranteed solely through the three-year warranty that we have discussed above. From HMD they promise to update the operating system, as well as security, for another three years, with the intention of keeping the mobile phone much longer.

A mobile that not only looks for the duration

Among the different properties that the new Nokia X20 has, the Dual Sight function of its camera stands out. This allows you to activate two cameras simultaneously that will give you the ability to capture the same image from different perspectives. A feature intended for both professional photographers and everyday use. You just have to give free rein to your imagination so that our photos or videos have an original touch. Nokia X20 has a 64 MP quad camera that will allow you to take high quality images thanks to the work done by ZEISS Optics. Its front camera has 32 MP that will allow you to make video calls at any time of the day and with astonishing quality.

Its Full HD + screen and its 6.67-inch size will allow you to enjoy all kinds of content without damaging your eyes, you can watch your favorite series or read a book in comfort. You will also have no problem showing your friend the trailer for the new movie that is about to be released.

If you think that the simple fact that the company has devoted much of its efforts to conservation could influence the design of the phone, you are very wrong. The new Nokia X20 has an elegant and refined design that will provide you with a totally accessible and enjoyable manageability.

This model, together with the Nokia X10, has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G processor, which together with its 8GB of RAM will allow you, among other functionalities, to enjoy optimal browsing without any freezing, in addition to ensuring a very high connection speed due to its 5G connectivity. In addition, its battery lasts for two days. No longer do you have to be afraid that your mobile phone will abandon you just at the key moment.

Ready to run with Android 12

Thanks to its properties and power, the new Nokia X20 has version 11 of Android. But the thing does not stop there. It currently has the Android 12 Developer Preview. This test version allows us to take a look at how our Nokia X20 will look with the next version of Android. Some of the features offered by this new version are: compatibility with AVIF images; haptic feedback for a fully immersive gaming experience; renewed animations for the launch of the applications; and, finally, an improvement in the security functions that guarantee that our personal data is as secure as possible.

The new Nokia X20 is presented as one of the most versatile and consistent options on the market. Its main characteristics include its resistance, durability and conservation capacity. In fact, the latter is a key pillar on which the brand has especially bet in recent times. A quality and durable mobile phone, just what they wanted from its launch. Now, with the near arrival of Android 12, this smartphone becomes an opportunity to enjoy the world through your mobile phone and for only 399 euros. Keep what you like. Keep your mobile.

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