The new version of Kindle Paperwhite arrives

The device is already available in pre-order and will arrive from November 7.

After celebrating its tenth anniversary last year, Kindle is back stronger than ever to present a new version of its most successful device: the Kindle Paperwhite . Many will wonder if at this point there is still room for a device that only serves one thing. But Kindle customers are very clear, there will always be space for a reading without distractions. And that, perhaps, is the most difficult thing to achieve today. 

Since its first release in 2012, the Paperwhite has become the most successful product of the Kindle family. Therefore, Amazon yesterday introduced its new version, with details aimed at significantly improving the reading experience.

New features

The improved version of the Kindle Paperwhite comes with a new design . Its front is now flatter and the back is made of soft materials that improve grip. In addition, the device is 10% thinner than its predecessor and weighs only 182 grams, less than half that of most paper books. The screen , which maintains the size and resolution of the previous versions, incorporates an additional LED, which provides a more uniform illumination, and allows a greater range of brightness.

The brand, which aspires to the mission of having any book that has been written available in 60 seconds, has also incorporated some improvements towards this goal. The new version of Kindle Paperwhite has doubled the storage capacity in its most basic version, going from 4 to 8GB, and includes an additional 32GB model. A double capacity that allows to cover all types of Kindle clients and that nobody runs out of space for reading. This version also includes a new feature that optimizes the use of the device and an improved battery that lasts up to six weeks on a single charge.

This new model is the first waterproof Kindle Paperwhite , with a resistance rating of IPX8 that allows it to be submerged up to two meters in fresh water for 60 minutes and makes it a rain and splash-proof device.

In addition to its exterior appearance, the new Kindle Paperwhite version also includes improvements in the reading experience . The homepage has been redesigned to help the reader navigate more comfortably through his library and reading lists and personalized recommendations have been added based on the reader’s tastes and preferences. Now, Paperwhite users will be able to read more and better and will have curious facts and tips to make the most of their Kindle.

All of us who love reading appreciate the advantages of digital devices, but sometimes we miss the peculiarities of our favorite paper editions. While last year Kindle launched a package of new sources to mitigate some of that nostalgia, this year has gone a step further. This new version has fully customizable reading profiles, in which the reader can configure the size and style of the font according to their needs.

Both the new updated home screen function and the ability to save and quickly access the different configurations will be released in the coming weeks as a free update to the new Kindle Paperwhite, to the Kindle Paperwhite of the 6th generation (launched in 2013) and the newest devices.

Availability and prices

The new Kindle Paperwhite in its 8GB version is priced at $129.99 and will ship from November 7. For its part, the 32GB model comes at a price of $159.97 , and $249.99 in its version with 3G connectivity. Both will start shipping in the coming months.

All three models are already available at Amazon for presale. 

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