The OnePlus 9 release new features for its Hasselblad camera

A few months ago, the OnePlus 9 arrived on the market boasting a camera, how could it be otherwise. But in this case, they also did it because the Chinese brand had partnered with Hasselblad to have an internationally proven camera. Now the fruits of this collaboration are being verified with new updates for the camera.

This update comes to endorse that collaboration between the two brands, which after all was one of the biggest claims of this new generation of OnePlus top-of-the-range mobiles.

New Hasselblad Xan Mode

This is the great novelty that users of the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are receiving, terminals that incorporate cameras developed together with the German photography brand. The new mode is called XPan, and it basically tries to reproduce the charismatic photo formats that this iconic camera offered us. Basically, it was specialized in taking panoramic photos with a 35mm film without having to change this, something like what we currently do when changing from the main sensor to the panoramic one, but in analog.

This new mode tries to recreate that camera with a really surprising aspect ratio in the photos, since these are obtained in a 65:24 format. Users of these phones can choose to take panoramas in lengths of 30mm or 45mm, selecting the shortcuts to each of these modes. Not only the format, but the resulting image also simulates the appearance of the photos shot by this iconic camera from the German brand.

Images in this mode will be taken with the 48- and 50-megapixel sensors, such that the resulting images are 7552 x 2798 pixels in size in 30mm mode, and 7872 x 2916 pixels in 45mm mode. By using this new mode within the Hasselblad app, we will be able to enjoy two formats, one in black and white, which is the one that starts by default to recreate this camera, and the other in full color.

Quality leap for OnePlus cameras

As you know, most mobile phone manufacturers have their own associations when developing their cameras. The best known have undoubtedly been those of Leica with Huawei, Olympus with Samsung, or in this case Hasselblad with OnePlus.

And is that although the cameras themselves are like those of any other phone, the software that takes full advantage of them is optimized thanks to the experience of these cameras. In the case of OnePlus, the collaboration with Hasselblad is very recent, and it seems that in ways like this it is shown that little by little the cameras of the Chinese brand are going to improve their quality, and above all offering reasons to potential buyers to get hold of one of them.

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