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The POCO F3 is updated to MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition

While many Xiaomi users are already waiting for MIUI 13, the version of Xiaomi’s cape that should have hit the market months ago, the Chinese firm has cast us another intermediate version. This is MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition, and now the POCO F3 is starting to receive it globally, which is great news for everyone.

This new version of the cape of the Chinese firm undoubtedly arrives with a lot of expectation, since nobody expected it. And of course, it comes loaded with news for the users of these phones, we will know all the details of this.

It is released on the first mobiles

As you know, this new version of MIUI 12 was presented during the launch of the Xiaomi Mix 4, the most advanced mobile of the Chinese firm to date. An update that is as important for the Chinese firm as MIUI 13 itself, but which is an intermediate step between the different versions of the system. On this occasion, it has begun to reach two new mobiles, one of them is exclusive to the Indian market, such as the Xiaomi Mi 11X, while the other is a phone that we know very well.

And it is that the POCO F3 is the other terminal that is receiving MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition. It is doing it in its global version, with a firmware version V12.5.3.0. RKHMIXM. Therefore, the Spanish POCO F3s will also receive this new version of the Xiaomi software layer from now on. As usual, it will be in the next few days when the phone begins to receive the new version of its software layer. So, you should keep an eye on your mobile to see when it will be available in your system updates section.

A trail of news for your POCO F3

The new phone from the Chinese firm will undoubtedly offer us a series of very interesting features with this update. One of them is liquid storage, which will improve the fragmentation of the storage and memory of the device, favoring the reduction of data reads and writes in the terminal, and thus improving performance.

Atomic memory also arrives, which has also been designed to improve performance, giving priority to background processes to complete tasks that represent less difficulty in less time, thus freeing up storage space for other more important tasks. Focus calculation is also introduced, which reduces processor usage by up to 15%, as well as power usage by 8%. As you can see, everything is performance improvements through better energy and resource management.

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