The Samsung Galaxy Fold is shaping up ahead of its launch.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is shaping up ahead of its launch.

Galaxy Fold , the folding phone that Samsung revealed last month along with its Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e , is already close to its release date. The exact days, which we already know, point to an arrival close to the market, also meaning that the details of the first production units of the terminal could not take long to arrive. That’s how it has been.

Mishaal Rahman, editor of the well-known web XDA Developers has published a thread on Twitter with details of the device after having contacted a person who already has in his hands one of the units prepared to reach European territory. Rahman offers in this way a large amount of additional information that complements the previously filtered video to get an idea of ​​what the first folding smartphone of the South Korean technology will be like.

A fold that shows

Among the aspects that confirm in this series of tweets are some interesting features, such as that there is a small delay in the load of the applications when you go from the view in the closed screen to the display, that the two screens -the small exterior and the large interior- are configured separately, or that the smaller one is as functional as any phone, being able to consume content or play video games without any problem. In addition, it releases the UFS 3.0 standard, which causes read and write speeds to be better than those of the Galaxy S10, for example.

The most interesting is in the curvature of the panel and the fold area, one that we saw in the aforementioned video that seemed to have a certain “wrinkle”, to call it somehow, in the center of the panel. Rahman confirms that this is appreciated by passing your finger across the screen, which is hardly seen with the screen on and a minimum brightness of 70%.

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