The Samsung Galaxy Note are already history, now what?

Just a few weeks ago Samsung presented its new folding mobiles. Especially with the prominence of the Samsung Galaxy Fold3, a phone that has reached the market to succeed a range of legendary terminals, such as the Note. Something that has brought as the main consequence the end of the Galaxy Note range, so we wonder, now what?

And it is that although we do not realize it, time passes and markets are transformed, something that has also happened in the mobile phone segment, where popular models in the past, no longer have the favor of the public. Now is the time to stop and think about what alternatives we have to mobiles that, like the Note, were designed for a more business and professional environment.

Times change, ranges transform

The range of Samsung’s Galaxy Note was launched precisely on the market ten years ago, with a screen that exceeded 5 inches, something that by that 2011 was a huge panel size, used to mobiles with screens of 4 inches or even less in many cases. Those phones that were called Phablet, the union of the smartphone and the tablet, had a clearly defined market, especially when the pencil came with it, which allowed to control the phone in a simple way, especially to use it like the old PDAs, like a large notepad.

Something that made sense until the rest of the phones reached screen sizes equal to or even greater than the Note. There began the beginning of the end for this type of mobile phone, which has ended up being diluted with the arrival of folding phones, which, like now the Galaxy Z Fold3, also have an S Pen stylus to maximize productivity. What alternatives do we have?

It is evident that Samsung itself has given us a great clue this year, by replacing the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note with that of the Fold, which have already occupied their space in the market and in the Samsung launch window. Everything seems to indicate that the main alternatives to Samsung’s Note will be precisely the folding mobile phones.

And there is already a wide range of phones that can take the place of the Note in the market, not only from Samsung, but also others such as Huawei or Xiaomi, which already have their own alternatives. So in reality the concept of mobile created to obtain maximum productivity has not died, but it has been transformed, so now we can consider folding mobile phones in book format as the ones chosen for manufacturers to place them within business product ranges. And if you look at the pencil alternatives on the market, there are very few options, and they also don’t have enough quality. LG’s Stylo are already history, as is the Korean brand’s smartphone division, and Motorola’s Moto G Pro, although they have a stylus, are not smart, nor does the phone offer anything special beyond that stylus. Therefore, the answer to now what? It is clearly, now is the time for folding mobile phones and as in the case of Samsung, with the S Pen, which does offer a clear advantage in what the Note had highlighted at the time, in a much larger screen size.

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