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The Samsung Galaxy S22 shows us its full potential

In a week in which Apple has taken over the present with its new iPhone 13, we have remembered that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be one of its main opponents, thanks to different leaks that are shaping how this expected terminal of the Koreans will be. This year, in addition to being powerful, it would be much more compact.

The new top of the range of the Koreans are already facing their final stages of development, and of course they have to begin to intensify the different leaks around the terminal. This time we have seen the Galaxy S22 go through one of the most important performance tests, revealing its full potential.

Step through Geekbench

It is clear that going through a performance test of the Samsung Galaxy S22 is not going to be something that can surprise us in terms of the information that can reveal us, because we all expect the most powerful processors for this series. And so, it has been, because the Samsung Galaxy S22 has been seen in its passage through Geekbench, the performance test, where it has revealed its processor, which would be a Snapdragon 895, we understand that in regions such as the United States.

But it also shows us that it has 8GB of RAM, and Android 12 as the operating system, so we can already get an idea of ​​the main features of this terminal. On the other hand, in Europe it should arrive with an Exynos processor, as usual. This also advances us that this phone is closer to being presented, something that could happen in just four months, in the month of January.

An S22 more compact than ever

Precisely a few hours ago we knew that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be the top of the range of the smallest Koreans in recent years. This was revealed by the leakster Ice Universe, which ensured that the battery of this phone would be only 3700mAh. Something that would have to do with a much smaller size than usual. In fact, it would be more compact than the iPhone 13, and also thinner.

Therefore, we can expect an S22 that perhaps moves 6 inches or less in size, perhaps to be a counterweight to the iPhone 13 and its mini version, which are the smallest phones currently on the market, and especially when we speak high-end. A phone that could stand out above all in this regard, since at the performance and camera level no surprises are expected, in fact in this last section the same sensors are expected from last year.

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