The settings that cannot be missing on your Samsung mobile

Whether you launch your new Samsung mobile, or if you have already had it for a while, there are a series of options that we cannot skip on the smartphones of the Korean brand. One UI has many ins and outs that will allow us to take advantage of the smartphone in the best way.

The tutorial that appears when we turn on the smartphone for the first time, allow us the possibility of completing some of these steps, but nevertheless, many are those who decide to skip them. For this reason and for the mobile to give the best of itself, we explain what are the changes that you must make in your Samsung regardless of the model.

Get the connections ready

Before doing anything else on the smartphone, we have to enter the Wi-Fi key to connect to the network, something that we will do from Settings> Connections and choosing our Wi-Fi network. Once we are connected, some updates will begin to be carried out automatically.

But we cannot forget to insert the SIM card into the smartphone either. With the help of the spike to extract the tray, we are going to place the SIM card in the correct position. Then you will have to enter the PIN if it is activated and the mobile will recognize the operator, for in some cases it automatically configures the APN.

In other cases, if the mobile data network does not work, we will have to do it manually. This is done from Settings> Connections> Mobile networks> Access point names, to add a new one and complete all the data indicated by the operator.

Accounts, an essential step

Something that we cannot ignore for reasons based on security, as well as mobile security, is entering the accounts. In Samsung terminals it is just as important to use a Google account as it is to use a Samsung account, each with its added advantages.

To start it up, all you have to do is go to Settings> Cloud and accounts, and then click on Add account and choose the Google option. You just have to enter the email, as well as the password.

But that’s not all, because it is also necessary to add our Samsung Account. We are going to do this with a similar process, we enter Settings> Cloud and accounts, to later write our associated email account or we can choose or continue with Google and that it is the same Gmail account used before the one that is linked to the process .

Get maximum security with One UI

For the smartphone to be well protected, it is not enough to enter the previous accounts, but it is necessary to make a series of options that are the same or more important. We will explain what they consist of and how you can do them on your mobile.

The latest apps

The first thing we should do is check if there are news for the device software, for this we have to take into account three aspects. First, the app updates from Google Play as in other Android terminals. Within Google Play, we will touch on the profile photo and choose Manage apps and device to give way to update everything.

We must not forget that Samsung integrates several of its own apps into One UI and the way to keep them up to date is to do it from the Galaxy Store. We will do this from the app itself, touching at the bottom on “My Galaxy” and then choosing “Update” so that everything is updated.

System updates

Even more important than having updated applications, it turns out that our mobile has the latest security patches and new features in the system so as not to suffer attacks or security failures.

Therefore, the next thing to complete and that we should not delay too much since we use our mobile is this, with the following steps: Settings> Software updates> Download and install, which will lead to verification and then download and installation if is that there is something pending.

Find your mobile if you lose it

One of the most interesting and important functions of One UI focused on mobile security is that it allows us to find the mobile even when it is disconnected from the network. This is possible thanks to the fact that our Samsung will be able to communicate via Bluetooth with other Samsung mobiles to send the signal on the place where it is.

But in order to take advantage of this function, it must be activated previously. We will do that from Settings> Biometrics and security> Find my mobile. Section in which we will have to activate the location of the device and allow it to also do so when we are without a network from “Search without connection”. A process that can save us from more than one use. In case you need it, you only have to enter the Samsung Find My Mobile website and log in with the account that we use to configure it.

Do you use a screen protector? You need this option

There are many of us who, the first thing we do when brand new mobile phones is to put a cover and a screen protector on it as long as the smartphone lasts much longer with us. That is why we are going to share an option that will save you from several problems with touch sensitivity.

One UI allows you to increase or decrease its capabilities depending on whether or not we use a protector. Therefore, in case you use it, you will have to access Settings> Display and finally activate Touch Sensitivity. With that we will notice a big difference when it comes to browsing the mobile or using gestures.

Customize the mobile to your liking

If One UI and Samsung mobiles stand out for something, it is because of the infinity of customization options they offer us. We can change practically everything we imagine and we are going to show you the steps you must follow to change it on your smartphone. We will start by customizing the home and / or lock screen. This will give the device a different look.

You just have to go to the home screen, then pinch it and access «Wallpaper».

Now we can choose between the funds that the terminal brings, choose one from our gallery or even download new ones from the Galaxy Store. When choosing it and trying to apply it, it will ask us if we want to put it on the home screen or also on the lock screen.

If our mobile has an Amoled screen, we can also customize this panel from Settings> Lock screen> Always on Display, where we will have the option to customize the clock, as well as the colors of the icons.

Of course, the sounds can also change, you just have to enter Settings> Sounds and vibration, to modify the ringtone, notifications or other alerts. So when they call us, we will not confuse it with other Samsung mobiles.

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