The side fingerprint reader is in fashion, why?

In recent years the evolution of the mobile market has been somewhat curious in different aspects. And precisely instead of evolving, some practices that were already quite veteran have been reaffirmed. One of them is that of the lateral fingerprint reader, defenestrated for years and now present in most changes, why this trend?

Of course, Android users should be very satisfied to have so many alternatives when using a fingerprint reader, with which we find on the screen, on the back, or on the side.

A format marginalized for years

Fingerprint readers have been present in Android mobiles for many years, and also iPhones. But in the terminals of the Google operating system they have been mostly located at the back, or integrated into the screen. But the fingerprint readers integrated in the side have been on the market for practically the same years as the rear ones. The difference is that normally it was only Sony in their Xperia phones that trusted them, in fact it became a hallmark of these terminals, although not without being exempt from criticism.

The operation of this type of side reader has usually been criticized, since it allegedly failed more often and for some users they were not comfortable to use. The reality is that it was not until one or two years ago that the use of the side fingerprint reader became widespread, to the point that now it is seen as somewhat old-fashioned to have a reader on the back. A question of practicality or of design?

We could say that the adoption of side readers has to do with these two factors, although we opted to give more importance to design in this trend. And it is that since the fingerprint readers arrived on the screen, the most advanced mobiles have been characterized by having a clean back of readers. That is what has made the side fingerprint reader popular, since with it you get an appearance like that of high-end mobiles that have integrated on-screen readers, and therefore more attractive for users.

But the more practical aspect of this feature is also partly to blame. Because the reality is that the fingerprint readers that are integrated today on the side of the phones, work very well. And if we take into account its location, it is the most natural that we can have in a terminal, because it is integrated at the height of the power button, which is usually always placed in a fairly neutral and comfortable position for the finger when we hold it. Therefore, it is a question of both design and practice that has made side readers a trend that for years were marginalized in the market.

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