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The three Huawei P50 naked before their presentation

After having come across many leaks that pointed to different features in the Huawei P50s, from Gizmochina we received what seems to be the most accurate data. The devices that will be presented next July 29 leave nothing to the imagination.

Usually and especially Huawei is one of the firms that usually suffers the most leaks, although this time the details were being somewhat scarce. The best kept secrets in the Huawei P50s were taking time to be seen and although we had been able to find out some data, there were no major leaks, until now.

All about the Huawei P50

The first model we know of is the standard, the successor to the Huawei P40 that arrived without Google services. This time it will arrive again without access to GMS, although most likely with HarmonyOS under its arm. This time the OLED screen will be 6.3 inches and will reach a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

It will come in two different versions to lower costs for those who do not need 5G, in this case with the Snapdragon 888 chip and on the other hand with 5G access the Kirin 9000E. Inside, the silks of the battery will be 4,200 mAh and will support a fast charge of 66 Was already stated by other leaks. In its cameras we will run into a 3x optical zoom and finally, its dimensions will be 8.3 mm thick and a reduced weight of 186 grams.

Various improvements for the P50 Pro models

One step above will be this Huawei P50 Pro, of which we also know practically everything thanks to these leaks. Here the screen grows to 6.7 inches also with OLED technology, with a higher refresh rate of 120 Hz. The play in how many processors will be the same, with a 4G and 5G model in the hands of the Snapdragon 888 and the Kirin 9000.

Inside, the battery will be slightly higher, with 4,300 mAh, also admitting 66 W of power and leaving in the forget what a previous filtration corroborated, in this case also with wireless charging of up to 50 W. The cameras this time will enjoy from a 5x zoom and finally the thickness will increase to 8.6mm.

Finally, we know what the Huawei P50 Pro + will add with respect to its brothers, starting by sharing the same 6.7-inch screen of the Huawei P50 Pro, although this time with curvature on the sides of the screen. In this case we forget 4G versions, although there is a significant change in the battery, where we will see the same 4,300 mAh although with a fast charge of 100 W and 50 W wireless. Its cameras will have 10x zoom and liquid lens.

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