The trick of the Xiaomi screen to save battery

In search of the Holy Grail, which in smartphones has become the idea of ​​saving battery to the maximum, Xiaomi has added a new option with which it will allow us to achieve our purpose without losing the advantages on our mobile. An option called day mode, which does not have the relationship with the night mode that we could imagine.

One of the most standardized technologies in smartphones for years is automatic brightness, well this Xiaomi idea comes to replace and forever change our way of understanding the mobile, thereby achieving, or at least trying to achieve savings of Superior battery in MIUI that allows us to reach the end of the day without complications.

How to activate the daytime mode in MIUI and what it is for

The functionality of this mode added to MIUI 12 consists of offering us the possibility of deactivating the automatic brightness of the mobile, but still continue to enjoy the change in brightness that this daytime mode provides us in Xiaomi in a similar way. It is known by many that the light sensor of mobile phones is one of the elements that consumes the most battery, since it has to continually check the incidence of light, but with this technology created by Xiaomi things changes.

With this option in operation we will be able to deactivate the automatic screen brightness to save battery without finding ourselves when going out or entering the house with a brightness that does not correspond to the incidence of light. A technology which Xiaomi has not explained in an extended way how it works, although as far as is known it is still based on the light sensor, which becomes less sensitive and is not activated continuously. This allows that when receiving a direct light or as powerful as that of the sun at noon, detect our need and apply the necessary change.

The process that we must follow to put it into operation begins by entering the Settings, then going to Screen and then entering Brightness level. This will be where we can deactivate the automatic brightness and change it to activate the daytime mode. Just below it indicates its operation, based on intense ambient light sources.

Although it receives the same name as the light mode of the mobiles, this does not become an impediment to be able to use the day mode with the night mode or dark mode of MIUI. We will only have to take into account that the screen contrast is reversed, but in both cases the advantage that allows us to save battery remains the same.

Is it better or worse than automatic brightness?

The operation of the day mode cannot be directly compared to the automatic brightness, since its function is quite different and does not offer the same result. When we are indoors and we want the screen brightness to adapt to each variation that occurs in the room, such as a variation in the intensity of the light, we will have to resort yes or yes to automatic brightness, since the daytime mode of Xiaomi does not achieve that level of accuracy and we could say that it is somewhat more abrupt.

With the day mode we will enjoy a suitable and perfectly useful result when we decide to change the intensity and brightness of the screen manually by ourselves, avoiding this only when we are going out to the street or when entering the house. This reduces screen brightness changes automatically and therefore does not precisely match the screen to what we need.

We could say that it is allowed to activate both modes at the same time, both the automatic brightness and the daytime mode, although that is evident since the daytime mode will come into operation when the automatic light sensor gives it the order that it requires a very bright brightness. Higher or much lower due to the change in light that the light sensor has undergone.

The amount of battery that we are going to save with this daytime mode instead of with Xiaomi’s automatic brightness mode cannot be known exactly, but the percentage is around 5%, which may vary depending on the times that change the light intensity regularly with automatic brightness. That can become valuable extra time that, however, is not activated with the standard battery saving mode of MIUI 12 and we will have to be the ones in charge of changing it if we want to enjoy that extra autonomy. When you change this mode, it is when you switch to using the extreme mode to save battery, with which the screen brightness is also affected and offers us even more hours of autonomy.

On which Xiaomi phones can it be used?

The option to change the automatic brightness mode to daytime mode appears available on all Xiaomi phones with MIUI 12 onwards. That also includes the Redmi and Poco terminals that benefit from MIUI, however some users who have MIUI 12 on Poco smartphones still do not have the option activated, which should also reach them with MIUI 12.5.

Unlike what happens with other options of the Xiaomi customization layer, in this case the daytime mode is present in the entry-level, mid-range and of course in the high-range phones without any difference.

Problems with day mode

The errors that users who have used this brightness change mode have detected are based on a poor decision of its use, since the daytime mode as we have mentioned, only comes into operation with large changes in light and does not have the ability to modify the brightness if the variation of light is not remarkable.

In such cases, users complain that they have to manually increase or decrease the screen brightness. For all of them, the ideal option will be to activate the automatic brightness even if it consumes more battery and does not allow that extra autonomy.

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