The warranty of your mobile will never cover these damages

Today the guarantee that buyers of a new smartphone will enjoy will be two years. However, this will not cover each and every one of the damages that could cause our mobile device to stop working completely at any time. Rather, everything will depend on us, according to the warranty that covers phones today.

And although, from next 2022, we will have an extra year to be able to resort to this option to repair our smartphone, the truth is that the conditions will remain the same. So, it is always good to know what are the damages that this protection that every recently bought smartphone has and that, for now, we only have 2 years.

Damage not covered by the mobile warranty

The different manufacturers of smartphones are obliged to offer up to two years of protection to all mobile devices that come with damage, both on the outside, and in the phone’s own software or hardware that prevent its proper functioning. This means that if before 2 years, our phone suffers a problem that prevents us from working normally, we can resort to this brand protection.

Therefore, the manufacturer itself will repair our mobile phone in case the fault has arisen by itself and not due to a misuse that we have made of the smartphone. This is why you should know what damages will not be covered by the warranty of a mobile device:

  • Broken screen.
  • Scratches anywhere on the terminal.
  • Breakage of the back of the smartphone.
  • Water in the mobile device even if it has an IP68 certificate.
  • Sand on the speakers.

If you have more than one fault …

The problem can occur when our mobile device has more than one fault. However, we refer to the case that the terminal itself may have suffered damage due to the misuse we have made and, later, it has begun to fail. And it is that, for example, if our mobile phone has suffered a blow, which can be seen in its outer casing, the damage, but what is failing is the battery. The truth is that the manufacturer’s technical service may force us to repair the smartphone so that we can fix this component of the terminal, since they can claim that the battery problem was caused by the blow.

Does the warranty cover the mobile battery?

The truth is that, by law, it is one of those components that the manufacturer itself must cover for at least two years. However, in some cases, we can find different brands that will only offer us a maximum service of 6 months, as they explain that smartphone batteries are one of those elements that suffer continuous wear with the use we make of our mobile phone. Although, we can find brands like Samsung that do offer the same guarantee that the device itself has.

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