The Wi-Fi Alliance simplifies the names of wireless technology

In the Bluetooth style, Wi-Fi Alliance has decided to change the numbers by letters of the names assigned to the generations of Wi-Fi standards. This is how they have been baptized.

Goodbye to the numbers and welcome are the letters. This is how the Wi-Fi Alliance has decided to change the names of the three most recent Wi-Fi standards.

Like the nomenclatures Bluetooth uses to identify its different generations, the measure aims to simplify them so that they are easier to identify both by users and by engineers dedicated to this area.

“For almost two decades, Wi-Fi users have had to endure technical appointments to determine whether their device is compatible with the latest version of Wi-Fi,” said Edgar Figueroa, CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance , in the statement , and adds:

The Wi-Fi Alliance is excited to announce Wi-Fi 6 , and present the new names to help industry and Wi-Fi users to understand the generations used in their device or connection.

Under this new slogan, this is how the three most recent versions have been baptized:

  • Wi-Fi 6 replaces 802.11ax (it will arrive in 2019)
  • Wi-Fi 5 replaces 802.11ac
  • Wi-Fi 4 replaces 802.11n

All products with Wi-Fi connectivity, such as smartphones or routers, will carry these new names. However, the previous versions will keep their names since they are no longer used or are not present in the market.

First devices with the new nomenclature in 2019

The Wi-Fi Alliance will activate the certification program of the new name from 2019 when we will see the first products on the market with reference to the Wi-Fi technology described with a simple number. In addition, they incorporate drawings that help to correctly identify the type of wireless connection offered.

Finally, the association ensures that the standards will not have decimal numbers, that is, we will never see something like “Wi-Fi 5.1” or “Wi-Fi 6.2”, the standards would always be round numbers.

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