The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 launches a function that you are going to love

There is no doubt that the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and all its predecessors are the most popular wearables on the planet, with the permission of the Apple Watch. Some bracelets that also improve over time thanks to different updates. This is the case of the new version of the bracelet firmware, which brings us a very useful function when we are in the dark.

The flashlight is in turn one of the most useful features of our phones, and precisely the function that reaches the bracelets of the Chinese firm has to do directly with this component of our phones.

A flashlight on your wrist

That is the main function added by the latest software update for the Chinese firm’s bracelet. And it is that with it a button is added with which the flashlight of our bracelet is turned on, which as you know, it does not have, so how does it do it? A functionality that of course can be very useful when we move in the dark in a certain place, without the phone at hand, and we need some light. And we are talking about a feature that what it does is turn the entire screen of the bracelet to white with the maximum possible brightness.

It is something like the flashlights of the selfie cameras, which replace the lack of an LED flash with the white screen, which logically with maximum brightness can give enough light. This improvement comes with the new version of the wristband software, numbered, which is currently reaching the wristbands of users in different countries. Spain is not expressed in it, but taking into account that it reaches some European countries, it is to be expected that in just a few days or weeks it will be available to everyone. Of course, before updating the bracelet, we will also have to update the Mi Fit app to version 5.3.0.

Waiting for a successor

In recent days we had known that the Xiaomi Mi Band range could have a new variant with a curved screen, which would adapt to the contour of our wrist. Something like the Amazfit X that we met last year.

But finally it seems that everything was a false alarm, and we will not have a successor this spectacular. It is clear that Xiaomi has to offer a true evolution of its bracelet, because with each passing year the news is more disappointing. And we all expect a version with at least GPS or NFC, which obviously will not be so cheap, but it would be appreciated to be able to choose it.

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