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The Xiaomi Mi Band are becoming more expensive, are they worth it?

There is no doubt that this is the most popular budget-friendly wearable in the world. And it is that it is a bracelet that has completely defined the concept of accessible and very complete wearable. Every year there is more expectation around their presentation as happened with the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, but with each passing year they are more expensive.

Something that may make sense, since each year a new feature is added, but also at the same time it moves away from the essence of the bracelet, which is no longer as economical as it was in its first models, far from it.

Every year a little more expensive

The evolution of the different Xiaomi Mi Band in terms of price has been growing over the years. The first two models were not sold in Spain, and we had to buy them in import stores with prices that mostly ranged between 15 and 25 euros, a very affordable price that built the good reputation of this bracelet regarding its cost. But the rest of the models have been increasing their price little by little. The Mi Band 3 cost in Spain 29.90 euros, which was already a significant price jump compared to what we knew, the Mi Band 4 jumped to 34.99 euros, the Mi Band 5 was the only one that retained the same price, and finally the Mi Band 6 has made the big leap up to 44.99 euros starting. Therefore, in four generations it has practically doubled its price.

Is this price increase justified?

This is the question that many of us ask ourselves at this point, and it is that this price increase is still striking, when key features that we all have been waiting for years have not yet reached it, such as NFC connectivity to be able to make payments. in stores and GPS to not depend on the phone. Those characteristics would have justified this price, even a significantly higher one, but not with what the bracelet offers us today. The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has made a great leap in quality with the size of the AMOLED color screen, but it does not justify this high price compared to previous generations, in terms of functionalities, although many modes have been added, it does not differ so much from the first models with color screen.

And if we compare it with another of the fashionable segments, that of smart smartwatches, there are very well-equipped alternatives with GPS at the same price, especially from Amazfit. Therefore, it is evident that this jump in price over the years is not justified, because transcendent and revolutionary characteristics have not come into play such as, if years ago they told us that for double the price we will have NFC and GPS We would get hold of it without hesitation, but except for its screen and certain software modes, it has changed very little. The reality is that the bracelet is still a success despite this, and that there are more and better alternatives to it. But the customer is wise, and if he keeps betting on her en masse, it will be for something. What do you think, is this increase in price justified?

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