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The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 reveals its lesser-known face

Without a doubt, the main protagonist of the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is its screen, its front part. And it is because it will have a hidden camera under the screen, which will be one of the first on the market. Until now we have not paid much attention to the back of the phone, which we now know, and it does not go unnoticed either.

Like the far side of the moon, the back of this phone has been secondary to us over the past few months. Now we have a well-defined image of it, with just a couple of days left for it to show up.

A huge camera module

Everything seems to indicate that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is going to be a superlative device. This is at least what the different leaks we have witnessed in recent months tell us. And in the one that we have known now, we can finally see what her rear end is like. And of course, the size of its camera module is striking. This one is quite large, taking up more than half at the top of the back of the phone. It is certainly one of the largest camera modules we have seen, at the level of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

In this camera we can find at least three sensors, and it seems that among them we have one telephoto, which can be seen by the rectangular shape of the lens. On the module we find the 108-megapixel inscription, something that we had already known in different leaks. Along with the image you can also see the one of the boxes of a phone case. This also confirms the large size of the camera module, occupying a much larger rectangular space than usual.

Your front camera, the big star

If we had not paid much attention to the back of this phone, it had been because so far only its hidden camera under the screen had been talked about. It will not be the first phone to have one of these cameras, but it will probably be the first to be sold globally.

And not only that, because the months that have passed since ZTE released this technology, has served for Xiaomi to perfect it to offer the best possible photos, even with a sensor that is below the pixels of the screen. Of course, it will be the most attractive of this phone, although it is expected to mark a before and after in different sections of its technical sheet, also for example in the loading speed.

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