These are the characteristics of Huawei’s new P30 family

Four cameras, fast loading and the powerful Kirin 990 processor, 12 GB RAM are part of the specifications that has the highest version of this new generation.

Huawei published several images on its official website of its new family: P30 Lite, P30 and P30 Pro. There are many features of these new devices.

P30 Pro

The most that comes out of the P30 Pro is its 12 GB RAM, which, with the latest Kirin 990 processor, promises good performance.

It is important to note that this bet on RAM memory is aimed at improving the performance of the team. For example, it is integrated into the cell phone Black Shark 2, introduced earlier this week. This would show that the P30 Pro is a serious candidate for gamers looking for a good experience, and more if you consider its processor.

The P30 Pro comes equipped with an internal storage memory of up to 128 GB and a battery of 4,200 milliamps that can be supplied in a short time thanks to its fast charging of 40 watts.

In addition, it has four cameras on its back. The first, of 40 MP, is in charge of taking basic photography; the second one, of 20 MP, acts as a wide angle, that is to say, it allows to enlarge the angle of vision to take good photos, for example, a landscape; the third, 8 MP, is a telephoto lens capable of bringing the image up to 10 times more thanks to its optical zoom that does not sacrifice the quality of the capture; and finally, a sensor capable of detecting depth, something quite useful to achieve a good portrait effect.


As for the P30, the RAM is 8 GB with a Kirin 980 processor, but retains the same internal storage of up to 128 GB that has the P30 Pro. However, its battery of cameras is only three having the only difference the optical zoom, since it only allows an approximation of up to five times the original size of the image. Its front camera is 24 MP with a focal aperture of 2.0.

P30 Lite

Although more megapixels does not translate into a better picture, since other elements such as the quality of the lens affect it, it seems that the input device of this new family privileges the selfies since it is the only one that allocates 32 MP for such purpose.

Otherwise, as usual in the Lite versions other aspects such as processor, internal memory and RAM are remembered, in particular, it implements a Kirin 710, from 64 GB and up to 6 GB, respectively.

So far, the price with which these equipment will arrive in the country is not known. However, Huawei shows a serious design commitment in terms of its colors as they integrate pink gold, blue, black, “twilight”.

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