This is how the TÜV Rheinland certificate that protects your sight works

Surely you have ever found yourself in the cards that give information about mobile phones, or even in the boxes of a new smartphone with the TÜV Rheinland certificate. A characteristic that has been linked to the world of technology for several years and that is a differentiating point.

Unlike other certificates that we may know, this one is not focused on the resistance of the smartphone or at least it is not its main part. This time he cares about the visual health of the users. Trying to take care of a sense as delicate as it is used throughout the day and which does not stop spreading through more and more mobiles. This has led it to become an essential.

What is TÜV Rheinland protection?

The first thing we should know is how this security measure that is present in smartphones works. Its main concern is that of the eyes, as we have already mentioned, and it is that it is a company of international prestige that began operating in 1872 and has managed to be a world reference in screen monitors. After the success of offering the best visual care on screens, it made the leap to smartphones.

Through various tests, tests and demands, he has managed to place his certification as a claim of assured success. A path that began hand in hand with brands such as Huawei and a highly prestigious model, but which has ended up spreading even in mobile phones with a reduced quality-price ratio.

Terminals to be certified TÜV Rheinland have to pass a series of tests in which they are thoroughly examined. The main and most important are based on eyestrain, the eye damage that it can cause and of course the quality of the image, which is linked to the nits on the screen or the resolution, among other data.

Some aspects in which they also pay a lot for a model to be able to receive this unique identification in the world, is the amount of blue light. In this way, the certification will provide us with a safe use of the mobile screen, without affecting sleep or altering our vision.

At the same time, the quality of the images displayed on the screen is taken into account, giving them an assessment that will later be used to approve or deny this verification. A tool that also serves manufacturers to improve the production of panels for the end user.

Another key aspect is not overlooked, such as screen flickering, which we do not see due to the speed of the eye, but which is something important for our gaze. This aspect has evolved by leaps and bounds in mobile phones in recent times, reaching the level of many professional monitors.

The benefits of having a certified display

The purpose, after all, is what interests us the most as users and for that reason, we are going to review the advantages that this protection on screens has for us. All the benefits are focused on our visual health, but nevertheless sight is related to many other parts of the human body.

Therefore, a screen certified with the TÜV Rheinland seal will be offering us reduced eye fatigue. With this, we will be able to look at the screen for longer without suffering vision problems, something increasingly necessary in mobile phones, since in many cases it is already our main work tool.

This in turn will help us avoid headaches caused by sight. One of the main reflections of a vision problem is in the head and with this measure, we can be calmer and leave those annoying problems away on more occasions. Nor will we have problems with blurred vision or dryness, all thanks to a certification that demands more from mobile manufacturers.

What mobile brands have this certification?

In case we are looking for a smartphone that offers us this safety for the eyes, today practically all brands offer us alternatives in the market with the safety offered by TÜV Rheinland. Especially the high ranges are those that benefit from it.

We find a variety of options with this peace of mind in Realme, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO and more and more smartphones are taking the test to raise their quality. Thus helping users to take care of their eyesight.

Other certificates linked to TÜV Rheinland

The company has been expanding horizons and we no longer only find it certifying screens, but it has been unfolding to become a benchmark within technology in various aspects. This has led her to certify everything we can imagine on smartphones and what we are going to show you in various cases.

One of the latest aspects to which the TÜV Rheinland certificate has been added is in software security, having subjected MIUI 12 to rigorous tests to give it its validation seal. In this way, the Xiaomi cape has won an award that supports it.

We have also had the opportunity to see its German security seal in the fast charging of several mobiles, among which are several Huawei models. Allowing SuperCharge technology to offer an advanced level of peace of mind. But in addition, the company has begun to carry out the resistance tests against water and dust of several models. Therefore, your mobile may have this certification, but you don’t even know it.

Resistance has not only come from water, but there are many who also rely on it to test and evaluate falls or blows on mobile phones. With this, an evolution over time has been achieved so that mobiles last longer with us without having to go through sheet metal and paint for their repair. To achieve this certification, smartphones have been subjected to drops, scratches and day-to-day use.

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