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Trick to add more fingerprints than your mobile allows

Security systems in mobile devices have been increasingly improved even more, especially with the new possibility of Face ID. However, the favorite option for users is still the finger sensor that comes in most of today’s smartphones. Basically, because this method is one of the fastest that exists and which offers us to be able to register several fingerprints, although it also has a limit established by the manufacturer itself.

The main objective of this type of sensor is to be able to replace the famous PIN of the screen lock or pattern with the owner’s own fingerprint. It can even be used to sign securely on some websites, access certain apps so that you do not have to enter any type of password or use it to verify payments. And although there is a maximum of allowed footprints, luckily, there is a little trick that will help us to register more of those allowed by the brand.

Add more footprints to your mobile

As we mentioned, in these terminals the reader has limitations, and as confirmed by each manufacturer, it is only allowed to register a maximum number. However, each brand will be different, varying from three fingers for use to five. For this reason, we will show you some simple steps to add more to your mobile device.

And the most striking thing is that it will not be necessary to install any special application or root the terminal itself. All you have to do is enter Settings and look for the section where the fingerprint recognition of your phone is located. Once inside, you will have to click on the option to add a new one. At that point, you will be asked to slide your finger across the reader a certain number of times at a moderate speed.

After this step, the smartphone itself will offer us the possibility of sliding it more times to achieve greater precision when reading our finger. At that very moment, it will be necessary to accept and perform the same operation. However, now we will have to do the process this time with a different finger instead of the same one.

For example, you can try to register the five fingers of a hand on footprint 1 and then repeat the same steps on footprint 2. If we, do it in a correct way and with an adequate speed, we will be able to register all our fingers. In this way, we will be able to unlock the terminal with any finger. And although with this method many more could be recorded if we reduce the number of slides with each finger, it is not recommended. Mostly because the fewer swipes made with each finger, the less accurate the scanner will become. Therefore, more will fail when trying to unlock the mobile.

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