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Try these solutions if your Samsung no longer captures

One of the functions that we have available on Android phones for some time is the screen capture. In addition, in the different smartphones the ways in which they can be carried out are very varied, although there is something in which One UI and Samsung that makes them be one ahead. Despite this, problems can always arise at any time that prevents us from taking a screenshot.

As much as with a smartphone from the Korean firm we can capture in different ways, it can happen that at any time our mobile phone is unable to carry out this simple task. However, there are different solutions that we will explain to you with which you can enjoy this functionality again without having to have your Galaxy repaired or even forget about this tool forever until you change your mobile.

Why is a screenshot not taken?

On many occasions, the truth is that it can give us the problem that our mobile does not get to take screenshots, there can be several causes and, therefore, we will find different solutions that will help us overcome this bad drink. So do not worry, since it surely has an easy fix.

However, before going to see each of the solutions, we must make sure that we are following the correct pattern or combination to be able to take a snapshot on the screen of our smartphone. Basically, because despite having a Samsung, the key combination may vary from one model to another.

Therefore, if it is the first time you use your mobile, it may be that we come to believe that the problem is with our mobile, but in reality, the culprit is us, since we are not using the correct method. Whatever the mobile of the Korean firm you have, first see how to take a snapshot of the screen before blaming the terminal itself.

Of course, in Samsung terminals there are usually two more known methods. The first one will be by pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time for a few seconds. And, secondly, we can take a snapshot if we slide the side of the palm of our hand on the screen from one side to the other. Although, if you have followed the methods marked for your model and it still does not work. The problem could be because the tool in charge of this action does not have the granted permissions.

To check if you have them, you must enter Settings> Applications> Samsung Capture. Once inside, go to the Permissions tab and check if the warehouse switch appears activated. In the case of having, it activated and it does not work correctly, the only option that we will have been to reset the settings. For this, we will have to go to Settings> General administration> Reset. Although, it is unusual that we have to resort to this method.

My Samsung buttons don’t work

Many times, one of the most common failures is due to a fall or simply due to the passage of time, since they can deteriorate the precision of some hardware buttons. Well, if one of the buttons responsible for capturing is broken, either the power button or the volume button, our mobile will not be able to take said image from the panel of our mobile device. Basically, because they are key to the classic combination.

In addition, if any of the two buttons move too much or even the point where they have fallen, it will undoubtedly be the main cause why you cannot get to take an image of the screen. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem without having to resort to a technical service to repair these buttons. Although it will also depend on you and your budget.

However, we will show you how you can continue taking pictures of the panel of your mobile device using other methods. The first is the easiest to do, since we only have to have enabled the option of passing your hand across the screen to take a snapshot.

More than anything because it is not activated by default on Samsung mobiles, but doing so is very simple. It will not even be necessary to have the latest version of the brand’s software layer, since from the first version of One UI we will be able to enjoy this gesture. Of course, if we have the last layer we will have new options, but the old and useful ones do not disappear. What we must do is the following:

  1. Enter the settings of your Samsung mobile.
  2. Look for the Advanced Features section.
  3. Then go to Motions and gestures.
  4. Check the option Palm swipe to capture.

With only these steps we will get to activate this option. And in the event that you fix the buttons, we will not stop being able to do it with them. Although it is not the only way, since we can enable a quick access that will allow us to carry out this action. To do this, we will have to enter the mobile settings, look for the accessibility section and do the following:

  1. Click on the Interaction and skill option.
  2. Once enabled, you will have to choose the options from the Assistance Menu. Inside, different functions will appear, although the one that interests us is called Screenshots.
  3. When we have adjusted this menu, we will only have to display a small square that will appear on the mobile panel.

Make screenshots take up less

Instead, we come to the last problem that we may encounter at any time. No matter how much internal memory our mobile device has, if we are one of those users who do not stop taking pictures, at some point we will fill all the available space. So, if everything worked fine to date and you haven’t dropped your mobile, you probably don’t have enough space on your phone.

Fortunately, there are different brands, such as Samsung, that offer us functions with which we can make these snapshots take up less space on our mobile phone. For this, the Asian firm gives us different possibilities to personalize them, as well as the screen recordings that we make. Although to us, the aspect that interests us is that these images end up occupying a lesser amount of space.

To do this, we will only need to adjust a couple of simple settings on our Samsung smartphone that will help us greatly reduce its weight. Therefore, the steps that you must follow in this case are the following:

  • Access Settings.
  • Look for the Advanced functions section.
  • Enter Screen Capture and Recording.
  • Click on the format and finally select JPG, as it will weigh less than PNG.

Although you did not believe it, when taking a shot of the panel of our Samsung mobile it will weigh much more with the PNG format for a simple reason. This is because the images that are PNG will weigh much more if said photographs contain many colors and pixels, so it will result in a much heavier multimedia file than the JPG.

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