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Upgrade to HarmonyOS… Goodbye to Google apps?

With the increasing update, for now only available in the Chinese ROM, of HarmonyOS 2.0, many users wonder if it is really worth switching from EMUI to this new operating system from Huawe i. It is clear that this proprietary software created from scratch will have a lot to offer to all users of the Chinese firm, but the problem comes from the fact that they could lose all Google apps.

So, is it worth changing a Huawei with Google to one with the brand’s new software? This is the question that many ask themselves over the days, before the arrival of this system to the manufacturer’s mobile devices in Spain. An election that will surely be a real headache. So, it will be time to know if the services of the American company from Mountain View will be lost forever.

HarmonyOS 2.0… With Google?

The truth is that this question is one of the most circulated on the net in search of a clear answer. And the reality is that everything will depend on the mobile device you have in your hands. That is, as much as Huawei’s own application store is giving its best, there are still many users who are trying to find a way to install the services of the American company (GMS) on their smartphones.

At the moment, there are already 134,000 applications that are present in this application store of the Chinese firm, along with more than 4 million registered developers. However, going back to the main question, the main problem is that nobody wants to lose the apps and their data when updating to the HarmonyOS 2.0 version.

Once again, the turning point will be the US veto of Huawei. By this we mean that those mobile devices that update to the operating system of the Asian brand itself will be able to maintain the services. That is, they will continue to have Maps, Gmail, YouTube or Drive, among others. However, there is a small “catch”, because for this the smartphone would have to have come out before the P30 series, as they were the last models to have the necessary certificates to continue to maintain the GMS.

Although, as we said, the last alternative would be to downgrade the smartphone and go back to a previous version, in this case EMUI 11. In addition, the data and settings that are in the different mobile applications to carry out this would not be lost either. upgrade. Therefore, it is clear that the new terminals of the Asian manufacturer from the veto will not have Google, much less those phones that have already come out in the middle of 2021 with HarmonyOS as standard as the Huawei P50.

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