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Use your mobile on your bike thanks to these accessories

The world of cycling is more and more widespread and many people decide to take the bicycle daily to travel different routes. Although, weekends are the days when most athletes bet on carrying out a route with all kinds of detail. This is why many decide to always carry their smartphone more or less close to control this information and thus avoid getting lost or controlling the times that had been set.

Luckily, there are different accessories or supports for mobile phones with which we can easily place and without great effort on our bicycle every time we go to travel a few kilometers. Only, we will have to anchor our phone to the handlebar using this accessory. In this way, we will always have the possibility of accurately tracking the route that we had to follow by having a GPS.

Is this bike mount worth buying?

Everything will depend on the control you have with the bicycle and if it does not suppose a type of distraction or obstacle to have the mobile device placed on the handlebars. It is clear that for professionals it would be a greater evil, as they need to be focused and not carry too much weight on the handlebars. This is why, it will depend on the decision of each one, although, luckily, there are different types that can be adjusted to the needs of each bicycle-loving athlete.

In most cases, when a person decides to buy this accessory for the bike it is because they do not have a GPS or the cycle computer, they have is not good enough to be able to follow the routes that we have been designing from it. Therefore, it is normal that many choose this option. Although, others choose to use the mobile device without carrying it all the time on the handlebar itself, as they will simply have to remove it from the jersey pocket.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that by always carrying our terminal in this part of the bike, we run the risk that it will end up suffering some kind of damage in case we fall. However, there are different types of supports capable of covering 100% the mobile phone so that we do not have to worry about this, although we will have to know how to choose well. There are even handlebar and frame mounts.

The advantage of the first, which is the most popular among buyers, is that it is compatible with large mobiles and is attached to the handlebar using different systems. From a rubber, a screw or even a clamp. In the case of the second type, it usually has an extra space where we can get to store a tool kit, a small camera or other accessories such as a mobile charger.

The best accessories to carry your mobile on your bike

After knowing the advantages of each type of support and what the fact of buying one can offer us for our day to day with the bicycle. It is time to get to know the best accessories with which we will always be able to keep our smartphone visible every time we go on the road.

With 360-degree rotation

One of the first options that we will have at our fingertips are those light supports made of rubber and plastic that will ensure a good grip. And not only this, I follow that its few grams will be noticed. For this reason, this Payout accessory will always be a good option. In addition, it incorporates the possibility of rotating it in 360 degrees and is compatible with smartphones up to 6.5 inches. With this product, we will place our mobile on a silicone base that is designed with non-slip, so it will always remain totally fixed. And, said clamping will have to be placed on the handlebar.

Aluminum and adjustable

This support is somewhat more resistant because it is made of aluminum, so we will also avoid vibrations in a better way during the route. In addition, this option will have to be installed with stainless steel screws, so there will be no problems if it rains, although it will also depend on whether your smartphone is waterproof or not. Its installation will not be difficult, as we will be able to do it in a few seconds. And as for its compatibility, it is made to fit smartphones from 4.7 to 7.2 inches.

Accessory for the frame and with bag

Leaving aside the one that is installed on the handlebars of bicycles, we go with the support that we will have to put on the frame. This option that we present to you now is compatible with mobile devices up to 7 inches. And the best of all is that we will have an extra pocket to store some other small accessories such as glasses or a mobile charger. You will not have to worry about the rain either, as it is totally waterproof so it will protect your smartphone from water at all times. This offer even comes with an extra protector to place over it and thus increase protection against the rain.

Resistant to any blow

On the other hand, if you only want to carry your mobile phone to control the route and you do not need an extra space, this alternative will be for you. In addition, it is designed to avoid any type of impact and keep our mobile devices intact in the event of a fall. It is even waterproof so we will not have to be afraid of possible rains during our weekend routes. This LUROON accessory is compatible with terminals from 4 to 6.8 inches. It also has 360-degree rotation so that we can place the phone at the angle that we want.

Holder with handlebar bag

Returning to the mobile accessories for the bicycle frame, we find this product, but with a difference, it is a bag that we can install again on the handlebar. In addition, it fulfills the same function as the product that is installed in the frame, that is, it is totally waterproof and we will have an extra space to store any small object. And as for its compatibility, it is designed for smartphones up to 6.5 inches. It must be taken into account that its cover is made of plastic, so that if it falls, the smartphone could suffer damage to its screen.

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