Use your mobile’s fisheye like a professional

Over time, mobile devices have obtained important improvements at the software and hardware level, as is the case with their cameras. And we have seen how the number of sensors that are integrated have been increasing. So, it is no longer strange to find a terminal with several lenses.

However, one of those lenses that has not been implemented as such is the fisheye, as there are differences with the use of the wide angle that we find in current terminals. Therefore, many users resort to buying this type of lens as an extra accessory to easily install it on their smartphones every time they want to achieve this effect. For this reason, we will explain the places where it will be best to use it, what you will need exactly and what will be the best way to take an image with a fisheye lens.

For which places is it better to use the fisheye?

It must be clear that when using this type of objective as an accessory for the main lens of a mobile it will be necessary to be clear about the best places to use it. More than anything, because as with the rest of the objectives, not all of them are designed to meet our expectations depending on the site or object that we want to photograph.

Therefore, we find a number of suitable scenarios for this. For example, the first on the list that will help us at all times to use the fisheye will be for interior photographs. And it is that when we take one in these spaces, such as, for example, a room, we will not have to juggle to be able to capture a shot.

Basically, because with this type of lens, by playing with the distortion, we can capture a greater angle and get the elements that we do not want to be altered in the center of the image. Another good space to use it will be in landscapes, since with this type of lens we can get a greater range in the image we take.

That is, we can cover more with photography when using this type of lens. Likewise, the photo will be fully illuminated, so later we will have to play with the ISO ourselves to improve the speed of the shot.

To these two we must add one more element, the fact of wanting to take closer shots of objects, people, etc. So, we are facing the best ally to be able to take, for example, a totally different and also fun portrait.

With this accessory for the mobile we will discover one of the most spectacular effects of photography, which is produced, as we said, by a distortion of the final image itself. What must be clear is its use, since the shots that we want to take will have to be mainly to capture a wide angle of vision.

How to take photos with this effect on mobiles

In order to start using one of the most popular effects that can be used today, known as fisheye, we will need an extra accessory that we will quickly and easily place on the main camera of our mobile device. In today’s market, we can find various offers such as the following product. In which, not only will we have a 235-degree fisheye lens, but we will also have a wide angle and a macro lens.

Therefore, it is best to opt for one of these offers in which not only does a single fisheye lens come to us, but we already enjoy several options. In this way, we will get a 3 in 1. After getting this type of goal, you also have to know that there is several third-party software both in Google and iOS stores that offer us to achieve this visual effect in our images, but not it will have nothing to do with the result that we will achieve with this accessory for the camera of our smartphone.

In the world of photography, we can find two types of fish eyes. The first will cover the entire surface of the sensor, with which we will obtain a rectangular image. However, in the case of mobile phones we will find those that will form a circular photograph covering an angle greater than 200º. Therefore, when taking an image, we will see a black frame surrounding the image.

In addition, when taking a photo with this type of lens for the mobile, it is best that we do not apply any type of filter. More than anything because when applied we can produce strange effects in the image, which are usually accentuated at the edges. However, it is not a fixed rule, so we can always try to use them later, although it is not recommended during the original shot. Also, keep in mind that the slightest false move when photographing with this accessory could lead to the image coming out totally deformed. Therefore, the more still we are when taking this photo, the better.

Advantages of the fisheye for mobile

When we are going to use this accessory for the main sensor of our mobile, we can find different advantages. The first, for example, is that with a fisheye, the distances between the object, element or subject and the camera itself are greatly reduced, so we will have a greater angle to get the frame that we want the most.

Another aspect that will help us make the right decision when using it or not, is that we will not need the space to be huge to be able to capture the place completely. In this way, we will not have to perform miracles to, for example, take a simple photograph of a kitchen. Even when using the fisheye, the depth of field will be much greater, so we have the advantage of being able to have a large part of the space that we are going to photograph in focus.

And not only this, but this type of lens is not only characterized by its distortion effect, but it is also completely immersive. By this we mean that an image that has this effect makes us feel that we are in that own place. Also, this lens will be ideal for capturing shots with more creative effects.

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