Virtual RAM also improves the performance of the vivo X60 Pro

There is no doubt that the new technologies that are being implemented in smartphones give a lot of play, as is the case with virtual RAM. For those who do not know, vivo was one of the first brands to bet on this little software novelty within their smartphones. And how could it be otherwise, the X60 Pro 5G has this feature that you will like a lot.

In recent weeks we have witnessed how the striking expansion of this memory has set a trend, especially in a company, such as Xiaomi. The small increase in this memory is achieved “virtually”, that is, the phone’s own software will be able to add a few more GB to this space by making use of the mobile device’s own internal storage.

Virtual RAM for the vivo X60 Pro

And how could it be otherwise, this smartphone from the Asian firm is fully compatible with this technology that will surely revolutionize the world of smartphones. More than anything, because more and more manufacturers are joining this trend that is gaining more fans as time goes by.

Depending on each smartphone firm, it has been chosen to offer more or less GB in a virtual way. However, in the vivo X60 Pro we will be able to count on a significant increase of 3 GB. An amount that will not hurt at all if we want to make its performance even better, gaining, for example, speed when executing different apps at the same time.

However, it must be clear that this technology will use the internal storage of the smartphone. Luckily, this vivo model has neither more nor less than 256 GB, so it will not be a problem to use 3 GB to improve its performance. In addition, the terminal itself will notify us that, if space is sufficient, this extension functionality may be used in order to improve the user experience.

Therefore, if you have the vivo X60 Pro in your hands, you will be interested in knowing how to activate it on your phone. The best of all is that it will only be enough for us to click one if we go into Settings> RAM and storage space> RAM. Once inside, you will only have to press on the RAM Extension switch. In this way, we will already have 3 GB more and a quite remarkable improvement in terms of power.

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